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Saving Face

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| Saving Face | By: Francine D. Kemp | | sjcruz | 9/19/2010 |

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Within the last nine years, more than 310,000,000 people migrated daily to new points on the globe. (Kemp 2009) Why are so many people migrating? In a world where culture understanding may become more important than actual communication, “Saving Face” by Francine Kemp tries to help us understand conflict in multicultural organizations. To obtain a better understanding of what Kemp means by “saving face” we need to move forward and understand what is happening in the world around us.
Author Francine Kemp’s professional interests are in leadership development. Kemps main research lies in the field of women and diverse groups with the focus being cross cultural communication between cultures, genders and social groups. Her education and background are also impressive. Dr. Kemp possesses a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership through the University of Phoenix, a Masters in Education from the Trenton State College now Renamed the College of New Jersey earned in Tel Aviv, Israel, and a double Bachelors in Education from Wright State University, Dayton, Oh. “Saving Face” has a broad range of geographic locations that it references throughout the article. Kemp’s groups of focus include Asian, Middle Eastern, African and Hispanic Cultures. Kemp utilizes these groups to compare how culture can be divided into low-context and high-context groups. Kemp identifies low-context groups to exhibit very little concern, interest or need for non verbal cues for people to understand…...

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