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Sbjective vs. Objective

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Subjective vs. Objective There are different problems that can occur when a politician uses subjective measures instead of objective measures. Everyone wants a politician that knows his/her stuff that actually takes the time to research everything rather than someone that doesn’t research, but thinks he/she knows it all. One major problem could be that you will end up with a politician that doesn’t know much of anything with what is going on in the world today. He may act like he knows everything but doesn’t fully know much, and can cause some problems that wouldn’t have occurred if he would have done research. Another problem may be no one will actually respect nor listen to him/her, because they will feel why should we listen to him/her when they don’t really know anything. Also, they may think that since he is being subjective he is doing it for his own sake and he doesn’t care about them. Would you want a politician to be subjective in a decision or in public policy? There are many problems that would occur if that was the case. You could end up with someone that doesn’t know much of anything or someone that is just thinking about himself. So, I believe that having to do some research and actually knowing your stuff makes a big difference.

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