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Sc300 Unit 4

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Unit 4 Project: The Future of Energy in Illinois
Raymond Kupczyk
Kaplan University
SC300-11: Big Ideas in Science: From Methods to Mutation
Professor Smith
November 13, 2012

The Future of Energy in Illinois
Renewable energy technologies are becoming increasingly important in the world today. With the increase of fossil fuel prices, climate fluctuations, and energy security, renewable energy can be the key factor in eliminating the need for the decreasing resources that we use now that can be damaging the earth.
Energy comes from a variety of sources and has many forms. The two main forms of energy are potential and kinetic. Energy that is stored within an object is potential energy, and the energy that does the work is kinetic energy. Primary energy sources can be categorized as nonrenewable or renewable. A nonrenewable energy source comes from the ground and has a limited abundance. Examples of nonrenewable energy sources would be oil, natural gas, coal, and uranium. Renewable energy sources examples would include the sun and wind; they can be renewed naturally in a short time frame. Secondary energy sources are converted from primary sources. Examples of secondary sources include electricity and hydrogen (
The state of Illinois plays an important role in the transportation of crude oil and natural gas throughout North America. It has three natural gas market centers, a dozen interstate natural gas pipelines, an oil port, and several petroleum and petroleum product pipelines. Illinois is a top manufacturer of ethanol and was ranked first in the Nation in 2010 in generating capacity and net electricity generation form nuclear power (
My current energy needs rely on electricity, natural gas, and petroleum. Electricity is a secondary energy source that is converted from primary sources because they are easier to store and deliver...

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