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Sc300 Unit 6 Project Kaplan Univ.

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Impacts of a borderless society

Unit 6 Assignment
Professor Robert P Black, MS

I am a serious bargain shopper. I try to save wherever I can. That usually means buying products from a mega chain, whose items are usually from outside of the U.S., verses buying from a local “mom and pop” store. The local stores usually have higher prices than most of the larger chain stores. I have never really understood why. For my family, buying all our food locally can be a challenge sometimes. My husband is Asian and he refuses to let go of some of the Asian food items he loves. For example, he has to have bok choy instead of green cabbage from right here. Rice is another issue for us. It has to be jasmine rice from a South East Asian country. He swears there is a difference. In my opinion, it all tastes the same….bland. List all of the components of two of your meals.
Meal 1: For breakfast I had eggs, Conecuh sausage, peaches, and iced sweet tea.
Meal 2: For lunch I had a ham sandwich with Sargento Colby- jack cheese, Lays brand sour cream and onion potato chips, and a Jell-O pudding cup. I had a bottle of Aquafina water to drink.
A. Where did each component of your meal originate? List the country that each part of your meal came from. (i.e., Did that glass of red wine come from Australia? Is the cheese from France?)
Meal 1 – Breakfast
My eggs Eggland’s Best eggs came from Jeffersonville, PA.
My peaches came from Clanton, Al, which is about an hour north of my home in Montgomery, Al. Georgia is known as the “peach state”, but Alabama can give them a run for their money *wink*.
My Red Diamond sweet tea came from Birmingham, Al. Birmingham is 75 miles north of Montgomery, just north of Clanton.
My sausage came from Conecuh County, Al, which is an hour and a half south of Montgomery.
Meal 2- Lunch My Hillshire Farm ham came from New London, Wisconsin....

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