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Scanning Documents Into Pdf Files

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Scanning documents into PDF files
If you have a scanner, you can easily convert paper documents to searchable PDF files for distribution, review, archival, or use as interactive forms.
1. Scan the document.
First, make sure your scanner is connected to your computer and installed correctly. Then, in
Adobe® Acrobat®, choose File > Create > PDF From Scanner. (In Microsoft® Windows®, choose a document preset, such as Black & White Document or Color Image, or choose Custom Scan.)

Choose Create > PDF From Scanner to scan a document.
If you’re not using a document preset, select scanning options, and then click Scan. Depending on your scanner, you may see other dialog boxes with additional options.
Tip: If you’re using Windows and a WIA driver is installed for your scanner, just press the Scan button on your printer, and then choose Adobe Acrobat from the list of registered applications that appears on your computer. Select the scanner in the Acrobat Scan dialog box, and select a document preset or Custom Scan.
You’ll be prompted after each page is scanned. To scan another page, select Scan More Pages, and click OK. When you’re finished, click Scan Is Complete, and click OK.

2. Optimize a scanned PDF file.
Sometimes scanned PDF files contain more data than you need. To optimize a scanned PDF file, removing unnecessary data and reducing the file size, choose View > Tools > Document
Processing, then choose Optimize Scanned PDF from the Tools Pane. Select the options that make sense for your document, and click OK.
Tip: Confused about the optimization options? They’re described in detail in
Acrobat Help.
3. Make text in the scanned PDF file searchable.
Unless you selected an OCR (optical character recognition) option when you scanned, the document is originally an image of a page. To make the text searchable, Check the box for
"Make Searchable...

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