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Handouts and
FACEX Scenarios


Handouts for Lesson 1

Handout #1. Sources of Support and Assistance for Army Families 51

Handouts for Lesson 2 Handout #2. TF Falcon Scenario #1 53

Handout #3. TF Falcon Task #1 57

Handout #4. TF Falcon Task #2 59

Handout #5. FAC Equipment Supply Checklist 61

Handout #6. FAC Stations General Equipment Setup Instructions 63

Handout #7. Equipment Considerations—Telecommunications and Transportation 65

Handout #8. Staffing the FAC for 24-Hour Operation 67

Handout #9. Sample Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) 69

Handouts for Lesson 3 Handout #10. TF Falcon Scenario #2 85

Handout #11. TF Falcon Task #3 87

Handouts for Lesson 4 Handout #12. Sample Appointment Order for Family Assistance Team Members 89

Handout #13. FAC Client Case Record (DA Form 5897) 91

Handout #14. Community Services Flowchart 93

Handout #15. FAC Client Intake and Referral Sheet 95

Handout #16. Workshop Evaluation 97

Handout #17. TF Falcon Scenario #3 99

Handout #18. TF Falcon Task #4 101

Scenarios for the Family Assistance Center Activation

Exercise (FACEX) 103

Handout #1

Sources of Support and Assistance for Army Families

1. Army Community Service (ACS). ACS is the principal family readiness resource for soldiers, DoD civilians, and Army family members on or near installations. It is staffed by volunteers and paid professionals. Among the services ACS provides are: 1) financial education and assistance; 2) services for special needs families; 3) family advocacy services; 4) relocation assistance; 5) information, referral, and follow-up; 6) family member employment assistance; and (7) training in Operation READY for FRG leaders and other interested family members. Check

2. Army National Guard Family Program Coordinator and U.S. Army...

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tool, which
1970s such as Royal Dutch Company.
 another. Scenario

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