Scenario Evaluation Plan

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Scenario Evaluation Plan

Scenario Evaluation Plan
The purpose of the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is to promote a sense of security, support, and empowerment for individuals and families who are affected by domestic violence. To continue helping those who suffer from domestic abuse, the PEACE agency will develop an evaluation plan using a simple framework design. This agency wants to assess the work it is performing, and the reason for evaluation is it wants to know the effects its services have on people’s lives. The program wants to improve upon those efforts, but does not want to continue to exert time and resources into efforts which are not helpful.
The evaluation plan the PEACE Domestic Violence Agency will use will be a project-wide evaluation using the empowerment approach. This form of evaluation plan will work perfectly with the agency’s domestic violence program because it concentrates on the purpose of the program and provides structure for the big picture. In addition, it involves program staff in the evaluation development and implementation, which enables them to feel empowered. The first step in developing this type of plan is to “identify the answer to the big question” (Yuen & Terao, 2003, p.53) which, in the case of the PEACE agency, is whether or not the incidents of domestic violence can be reduced and how. Another question could be whether or not educating people about domestic violence can play a key role in preventing it. This evaluation plan will include both process and outcome evaluation by attaining the documentation of accomplishments made, and gathering the information from a wide variety of sources to allow the agency to indicate “what benefits were achieved as a result of the services provided” (Yuen & Terao, 2003, p.53).
Process evaluation will be assessed to provide qualitative and…...