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Scenario Planning

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* What is scenario planning? Under what conditions is it useful? How important do you think scenario planning is as a context for international marketing planning? Scenario planning is defined as strategic planning method that organization use to make flexible long term plans based on generating a number of “what if” situations and then options on how they might respond to those situations( Keeley, 2011). In other word scenario planning a method for learning about the future by understanding the nature and impact of the most uncertain and important driving forces affecting the business. It is strategy tool used to discover potential future environments in order to understand how today’s strategic decisions will have an impact on an organizations in times to come. The key elements in scenario planning are “creative thinking, imagination, an informal methodology and use of qualitative, subjective information” scenario planning does not predict the future; rather it considers the complete scope of likely forces that might have impact on an organization. These may be intellectual, natural, social, political, economic, cultural or technological. Scenario planning is an important strategic tool for the business. Marketers can make choices through the scenario planning. The options can be screened by matching them to possible scenarios. Scenario planning provides tools for an organization to respond critical changes. It provides methods for understanding specific trends and how to make decisions based on those trends. It provides organized process to link “what if” situations with action steps and financial impacts on the organizations.

Scenario planning is useful under the following conditions * Uncertainty is high (relative to one’s ability to predict or adjust) * Too many costly surprises have occurred in the past *...

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