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Final Project: Scenario Solution HSM/220 September 17th, 2014 Serena Mc Call

Statement of Opportunity

JJR youth project is devoted to helping provide further education to those kids who have dropped out of school, and to provide them with a safe and healthy environment. We strive to provide them with a certificate and GED courses, and some vocational training. Our goals are to help these kids learn the necessary skills to lead a better life, and to gain employment opportunities in the future.

Impact of Organizational Structure

There are many things that a director will face when trying to turn a vision into a reality. The first thing of course will be the hiring process. Having a vision, the director will have a certain idea of how he/she expects the organization to be run. So, when the hiring process begins, he/she will want to make sure that they find the most qualified people, and ones who will share the same ideology as they do. The one drawback that I can foresee, are the ones with exceptional qualifications wanting more money. With having a budget, this leaves very little room for salary negotiations.
Another issue would be finding the right place to open this organization. Since you have a budget, you must choose the best place possible and the right size as well. Being on a budget could make this task kind of difficult. Finding the right place to work on the budget you have and also accommodate the 1,000 students you hope to have for the first year, and then a projected amount for the next year, and every year thereafter. And doing all of this while trying to stay in budget.
Next challenge that a director may face, would be finding the funding needed to help develop the organization and keep it running. You will need to make sure the promises are kept to the donors. Otherwise, you could lose some of the funding needed. Most likely the budget will increase in the second year and so forth; this may require seeking additional donations and grants to help keep the organization afloat and running. If receiving funding from private sources, you will need to ensure them that their money is being well spent. You can run into problems if the donors do not feel their money is going into the right places, therefore causing them withdraw their money, leaving the organization with less money to work with. Thus causing the director to find funding somewhere else. This can also affect the amount of staffing and the number of students it may be able to help. This being said; it can cause staff to lose their jobs and the students to lose their opportunity to further their education and better their lives overall. For a more positive outlook; if the funding is coming in on a regular basis, this can give room for expansions, and provide more jobs to people in the community.

Community Environmental Factors

There can be many community environmental factors. One can be the competition of another organization that offer the same or like services. One thing to do to ensure people will come to your organization, would be to offer some kind of incentive to join and bring in more people. The director during the developmental process should research the local community and what services may already be available, and see what needs to be offered more for the kids/students of the community. Once this has been done, a determination of what services are not available, and then include them into the organization to help draw people to the organization. Another thing to do would be to educate the community and also advertise the services being offered by the organization. With education, brings knowledge, and this will help to bring in more students. And with advertising you’re getting the name and the services being offered out further. This can help bring in more students as well. Without advertising, how will you get the word out quickly of the services being offered? Also it could be that without advertising not as many people may not know about the organization, and it could go under before even getting started and possible pull out by donators.
The organization financially should seek most of its funding from grants, the community, or even private donations. This way they can provide the community with the services they need the most. Once the organization knows what services they need to provide, they will need to add this to the budget, and to see if it is going to be affordable and most beneficial for the students. If they determine there will not be enough money in the budget to offer the services needed, they might think about minimalizing the services in the first year, then wait to see if more funding comes in for the next year. If this occurs, then add more services. Over time, the organization may be able to hopefully expand, therefore making better opportunities to the students to be more successful.
A major environmental factor that could possibly come into an issue would be the location of the organization. The director needs to do some research in the local community and see where the needs are greater and the services they need to provide for that area. The director needs to check where the most help is needed. If they move to a location where the dropout rate is low, then you run the risk of less students coming to the organization. But if they find where there is a higher rate of dropouts and fewer graduates, they may have a better chance at success, and more funding could be available.

Human Recourses The first order here is to know how much staffing you are going to need and to meet the goals of the organization and what can be afforded. If you can come up with a ball park figure of students, then you can figure out how much staffing will be needed to cover the amount of students you have.

The next thing will know what type of skills each staff member will need to have. That means the organization must determine what services they will be providing for the students. An example would be; if you are going to help students prepare themselves for getting jobs, then you will need someone who is good at teaching how to write resumes, or teach them how to get through an interview. This would be teaching them how to be successful with their social skills. You are going to need the right staffing to help these kids progress and achieve these skills. As I mentioned before, you will need to keep in mind of how much space you are going to need, all the while keeping in mind of your budget you have to work with. You also need to remember you may need more space in the future if the organization does become successful.
As for staffing, you should provide them with some kind of incentives to help keep your staff turnover rate lower. And also beat the local competitors. You can offer them incentives such as; health benefits, raises, bonuses, and sick leave time. These are the things people seek the most when looking for employment.
Lastly the final step would be to come up with the proper rules, and ethics codes for your staffing. You want to make sure they are fair and everyone has the agreement they can and will follow these rules and codes. Also once this is established, make sure everyone knows the consequences if these rules and codes are not met. This helps keep out any misunderstandings and also help keep and behavioral issues out of the workplace. By letting everyone know right up front and what is expected, and the consequences if they do not will avoid any problems from the beginning.


Line Item & Functional Budget for year 1 Educational Organization—Line-item budget | | | | | | | | Revenue | | | $1,600,000 | | | Annual Salary | Number of FTE’s | Expenses | | | | Personnel | | | | Executive director | $100,000 | | 1 | Training supervisor | $80,000 | | 1 | Trainers | $500,000 | | 10 | Administrative coordinator | $45,000 | | 1 | Administrative staff | $75,000 | | 3 | Total salaries and wages | | $800,000 | | Employee-related benefit expenses @ 25% | | $200,000 | | | | | | Operating expenses | | Per Year | | Rent | $125,000 | | | Overhead costs | $100,000 | | | Utilities | $100,000 | | | Office supplies | $25,000 | | | Equipment/lease | $50,000 | | | Transportation and travel | $100,000 | | | Outside consultants | $100,000 | | | Total operating expenses | | $600,000 | | | | | | Total agency budget | | | $1,600,000 |

1. A combined functional and program budget to calculate all costs per enrolled student. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | | Basic skill program | Vocationprogram | Indirect cost and overhead | Total functional budget | | | | | | Expenses | | | | | Personnel | $30,000 | $20,000 | | | Executive director | | | $100,000 | | Training supervisor | | | $80,000 | | Trainers | $300,000 | $200,000 | | | Administrative coordinator | $27,000 | $18,000 | | | Administrative staff | $45,000 | $30,000 | | | Total salaries and wages | $372,000 | $248,000 | $180,000 | | Employee-related benefit expenses @ 25% | $93,000 | $62,000 | $45,000 | | Total personnel costs | $465,000 | $310,000 | $225,000 | | | | | | | Operating Expenses | | | | | Rent | $75,000 | $50,000 | | | Overhead costs | $60,000 | $40,000 | | | Utilities | $60,000 | $40,000 | | | Office supplies | $15,000 | $10,000 | | | Equipment/lease | $30,000 | $20,000 | | | Transportation and travel | $60,000 | $40,000 | | | Outside consultants | $60,000 | $40,000 | | | Total operating expenses | $360,000 | $240,000 | | | Total agency budget | 825,000 | 550,000 | 225,000 | 1,600,000 | | | | | | Number of eligible students | 1,000 | 1,000 | 1,000 | 1,000 | | | | | | Total budget need per eligible student | $825.00 | $550.00 | $225.00 | $1,600.00 |

Line Item &Functional Budget for year 2 & Thereafter Educational Organization—Line-item budget | | | | | | | | Revenue | | | $2,400,000 | | | Annual Salary | Number of FTE’s | Expenses | | | | Personnel | | | | Executive director | $100,000 | | 1 | Training supervisor | $80,000 | | 1 | Trainers | $750,000 | | 10 | Administrative coordinator | $67,500 | | 1 | Administrative staff | $112,500 | | 3 | Total salaries and wages | | $1,042,500 | | Employee-related benefit expenses @ 25% | | $260,625 | | | | | | Operating expenses | | Per Year | | Rent | $187,500 | | | Overhead costs | $150,000 | | | Utilities | $150,000 | | | Office supplies | $50,000 | | | Equipment/lease | $100,000 | | | Transportation and travel | $150,000 | | | Outside consultants | $150,000 | | | Total operating expenses | | $937,500 | | | | | | Total agency budget | | | $2,400,000 |

1. A combined functional and program budget to calculate all costs per enrolled student. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | | Basic skill program | Vocationprogram | Indirect cost and overhead | Total functional budget | | | | | | Expenses | | | | | Personnel | $45,000 | $30,000 | | | Executive director | | | $100,000 | | Training supervisor | | | $80,000 | | Trainers | $450,000 | $300,000 | | | Administrative coordinator | $40,500 | $24,000 | | | Administrative staff | $67,500 | $45,000 | | | Total salaries and wages | $603,000 | $399,000 | $180,000 | | Employee-related benefit expenses @ 25% | $150,750 | $99,750 | $45,000 | | Total personnel costs | $753,750 | $498,750 | $225,000 | | | | | | | Operating Expenses | | | | | Rent | $112,500 | $75,000 | | | Overhead costs | $90,000 | $60,000 | | | Utilities | $90,000 | $60,000 | | | Office supplies | $22,500 | $15,000 | | | Equipment/lease | $45,000 | $30,000 | | | Transportation and travel | $90,000 | $60,000 | | | Outside consultants | $90,000 | $60,000 | | | Total operating expenses | $540,000 | $360,000 | | | Total agency budget | 1,293,750 | 858,750 | 225,000 | 2,400,000 | | | | | | Number of eligible students | 2,000 | 2,000 | 2,000 | 2,000 | | | | | | Total budget need per eligible student | $646.88 | $429.38 | $112.50 | $1,200.00 |

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