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Group Inertia : Many groups develop strong informal norms that specify appropriate and inappropriate behaviors and govern the interactions between group members. Often change alters tasks and role relationships in a group; when it does, it disrupts group norms and the informal expectations that group members have of one another. As a result, members of a group may resist change because a whole new set of norms may have to be developed to meet the needs of the new situation. Group think is a pattern of faulty decision making that occurs in cohesive groups when members discount negative information in order to arrive at a unanimous agreement. Escalation of commitment worsens this situation because even when group members realize that their decision is wrong, they continue to pursue it because they are committed to it. These group processes make changing a group’s behavior very difficult. And the more important the group’s activities are to the organization, the greater the impact of these processes are on organizational performance.
2.Structural Inertia : Group cohesiveness, the attractiveness of a group to its members, also affects group performance. Although, some level of cohesiveness promotes group performance, too much cohesiveness may actually reduce performance because it stifles opportunities for the group to change and adapt. A highly cohesive group may resist attempts by management to change what it does or even who is a member of the group. Group members may unite to preserve the status quo and to protect their interests at the expense of other groups. Organizations have built-in mechanism to produce stability. For example, the selection process systematically selects certain people in and certain people out. Training and other socialization techniques reinforce specific role requirements and skills. Formalization provides job descriptions, rules and…...

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...information – great level of detail. Vision: “Sportsmen’s Lodge” Located in the beautiful scenic Beckley, West Virginia, there will be plenty of activities to participate in. Of course, there will be a casino, there will be the usual spa for Mom, with an indoor, year-round theme park for the kids with childcare provided. Dads will enjoy the hunting and fishing amenities offered to them, as well as other outdoors activity. A vision is a future focused, strategically positioned statement. This describes available amenities. “Sportsmen’s Lodge”: Looking Forward In the main building, the rooms will be decorated like cabins, with “tents” over the children’s beds. The cottages built separately will be log cabins, and they will be set in the wooded area immediately surrounding the hotel. The hotel will provide hunting and fishing guides for the guests that know the area well. A concierge will be provided as well to provide anything the guests want. This location will be set near the scenic New River. There are year-round opportunities in the area, besides just hunting and fishing. In the warm weather, there is whitewater rafting and a racetrack. In the fall, the colors are beautiful when the leaves change. “The New River Gorge Bridge is located on U. S. Route 19, just north of Fayetteville, WV. It is easily reached from Interstates 64, 77, & 79 and from U. S. Route 60 (Midland Trail). It is approximately 30 minutes north of Beckley, 70 minutes east......

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...back to the hotel my clothes were so soaked with sweat that it looked like I went swimming in them. I grew up in the suburbs of Nashville. Those little neighborhoods where made of houses lined neatly side by side down the street and the neighbors’ houses were about 50 feet away from your own. The houses were organized in “blocks”. It was like one big square lined in houses. As a kid, it was this ‘block” that I rode my bike or roller skates and played kick ball with all the other neighborhood kids. The local General Store was a few blocks down the road and with my mom’s permission, I would walk there with my friends and get a candy bar and a coke. (In Tennessee, all carbonated drinks are cokes.) Tennessee has some of the most scenic mountains. It is known for its Smokey Mountains and people vacation there often in one of the many secluded cabins. In my travels throughout Tennessee, I saw what I thought to be some of the most beautiful pieces of land. During the fall season, if you can catch the small period of time that the leaves start to change, it looks like water colors of red, orange and brown have been pour over the hills like a water fall. I moved to West Virginia with my husband about four years ago. I had never been in the state at any time in my life. I felt as though I’d been dropped off in a foreign country. I had no idea where I was. I had no friends or family with me. I still have trouble finding my way to the simplest of places. One would......

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