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“Change your life today. Do not gamble on the future, act now, without delay.”
Life of a human is full of many tasks. He has to achieve all tasks on time. Since childhood, we are said to be on time otherwise teacher punishes us. When we enter in professional life, we are again said to be punctual this time life punishes us. Time schedule basically a plan for performing work or achieving an objective in allotted time. Most of people either professional or student face troubles to accomplish the work or project, If we all plan before start the work it will easier to achieve. Sometime many people, when task is given, think that it will be done, they put off until tomorrow what they can do today. They delay till last day come to the door. Actually and certainly this attitude kills the people. We learn many things if we work honestly without delay. Delay is nothing but the parents of failure. There are many things that make it difficult for people to schedule their time effectively. Some people have unclear objectives, some have burden of objectives, inability of objectives, stress objectives, and most having problem that work-work-work no other routine and some face interruptions. The people who are unclear about their objectives, it is very hard to accomplish work if you do not know where you are going, how can you expect to get there? Those people should first clear their target then continue. Other who have burden of works or tasks at a time and they can not achieve all, sometimes even anyone. So they should prioritize their tasks chronologically. If the task is vital and about urgent means short term deal with it first. Then see if the task is delete able, like extra routine, delete it. Some works can wait; see if anyone can be delay. But attach the deadline with it and also make a note to remind later. Many times happen with certain people who have inability to say “NO” .Because they want to be helpful for their friends, and sometimes the order of their supervisor. If you are not able to do the work and you agree to do, how can it possible to overcome. Like Accounting’s teacher is asked by his friend to teach medical science, he agreed but he has not enough knowledge to teach. The subject is irrelevant for him. Similarly, happens with the certain people who have inability to say “No”. Stress interrupts your time schedule. Everyone experiences it time to time. Too much stress causes failure of work. Dealing with stress effectively is important part of time scheduling. The people who have no other activity except work, mentally and internally they are not fresh. Their mind and heart are totally disturbed. So, to have effectively results, give time to your family and friends if you keep balance between work and social belonging, you will more overcome to your objectives. Some works need full concentration. If something interrupts abruptly, your stream of conscious breaks, like there are phone calls to be attended, clients to be met, unexpected tasks that crop up, and e-mails to answer. When stream of conscious is interrupted, you can not return to where you were. This interruption can take you away from your achievement. So keep away the things which can interrupt your concentration.
If somebody is asked, what does he want to achieve or avoid? The answers to this question are objectives. If he asked, how will he go about achieving his desired results? The answer to this you can call strategy. Make strategies to achieve your task, act upon them and see the difference. It really works. Words: 614

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