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My goals and life plans have always inspired me to do my best. From personal gains to academic and career-related success, I continue to push myself further so that I can always grow as a person. In high school my primary goals included being in the top two of my class and getting into a University. I accomplished both of them! Now that I’m here, my new goals are to try as hard as I can to succeed here as well as I did in high school. My grade point average as well as my lack of participation in student organizations may not reflect how hard I have really been working here, or show that I am a good candidate for this scholarship. I am a hard working first year student. As soon as I arrived here in August, I started work with Intramural Sports facility on campus. I continue to work as a student worker, 4 days a week shift (8pm-10pm). As most of you may know, settling into college isn't as easy for some as it is for others. All of my first semester was spent trying to get used what I had to do vs. what I wanted to do. Let alone adjusting to the work-load as a student working towards a major in MIS. I continue to adjust my schedule to succeed in my classes. Now that I’m starting to get used to what I need to be doing, I am doing very well in my classes! Trust me, working 4 days a week and having a 15 credit hour work load isn't easy. I wouldn't be working if I didn't have to be. I am a student, putting myself through college. I don’t have help from my parents, I pay for things myself, I have too many responsibilities to count, and I continue to do well. Needless to say, I am proud of myself for what I have done here so far. Since I am a headstrong, hard working man, I will continue to grow as a student, and will continue to improve upon my grade point average and participation in this campus’s amazing array of student organizations. My goal of meeting other people that...

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