Scholastic Triumphs at Ateneo

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Chapter 4 Scholastic Triumphs at Ateneo de Manila (1872-1877)
Escuela Pia (Charity School) – a school for poor boys in manila which was established by the city government in 1817. The Escuela Pia is the First name of Ateneo de Manila. The Ateneo is acquired prestige as an excellent college for boys.
Rizal Enters the Ateneo – June 10, 1872
Father Magin Ferrando – the college registrar when jose entered at the Ateneo municipal. There are two reasons why father Magin Ferrando refuse Rizal (1) he was late for registration (2) he was sickly and under sized for his age. But by the help of the nephew of father Burgos --- Xerez Burgos, Rizal was reluctantly admitted at the Ateneo.
Jesuit System of Education – The system given by the Jesuits in the Ateneo was more advance than that of other colleges in that period.
Two Groups in Ateneo
1. The Roman Empire – internos (boarders). Their banners colour is red.
2. The Carthagainian Empire – externos (non-boarders). Their banners colour is blue.
Rizal’s First Year in Ateneo (1872-1873) – on his first day of class in the Ateneo June 1872, Rizal first heard mass at the college chapel and prayed fervently to God for guidance and success.
Father Jose Bech – Rizal’s first professor in Ateneo.
Summer Vacation (1873) – at the end of the school year in March 1873, Rizal returns to Calamba for summer vacation. He did not particularly enjoy his vacation because his mother was in prison.
Second Year in Ateneo (1873-1874) – nothing unusual happened to Rizal during his second term in the Ateneo, except that he repented having neglected his studies the previous year simply because he was offended by the teacher’s remarks.
Prophecy of Mother’s Release – Rizal lost no time in going to Santa Cruz in order to visit his mother in the provincial jail. He cheered up Dona Teodora’s lonely heart with news of his scholastic triumphs in Ateneo…...