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Outline “Personal Appraisal” Kelli Barnes
Everest University

Outline “Personal Appraisal” 1. Clear Objectives: A. Both the individual employee as well as the organization should benefit from a fair appraisal system. B. The performance appraisal should be clear, specific, timely, and open.

2. Reliable and Valid: A. Valid information, date, reliance, and consistency should be provided in a performance appraisal.

3. Standardization: A. The criteria and standards should be well defined. B. The corporation should inform the employee of these standards.

4. Training: A. The person that is giving the appraisal should be trained on the procedures and principles of the appraisal. B. They should have the knowledge and the skills in conducting and designing appraisals.

5. Job Relatedness: A. The appraisal should relate to the job activities and the behavior and performance of the employee. 6. Balanced Trust: A. The employee should be treated with trust and a supportive manner.

7. Feedback and Participation: A. The performance appraisal should be open and participative. B. Goal setting should always include the employee and their thoughts.

8. Help Focus: A. The employee should not be personally judged through the appraisal. B. The employee should be assisted in reaching their full potential.

9. Recognition of Differences: A. The appraisal must be designed to meet the needs of that particular organization.

10. Post Appraisal Interview: A. The individual employee and the conductor of the appraisal along with the manager of the employee sits in a comfortable environment and discuss the results of the appraisal. B. Decide on course that needs to be taken by employee (negative or positive) and how that course is to be accomplished.

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