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School and Society

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Capitalist systems have a major responsibility towards education. The main objective of schooling under a capitalist system is to redevelop the production relations and an autocratic labor system. A capitalist system should provide people with the knowledge that there is equality in chances to succeed. According to the book, there has been a rising problem especially in third world economies, which are over expanding their education systems. Conflict theorists suggest that expanding education systems does not account for problems concerning unemployment. They also suggest that new ways of handling such problems should be established. Over time, Marxist theorists have attempted to provide these solutions.
State education agencies are known to run public schools. The ruling role of the state should be understood. Marxists state that schools, in a capitalist society, produce laborers to work in different areas, in the capitalist enterprise. They also believe that the ruling class is served by the government. The state does this by maintaining a repressive power monopoly. This is effective when workers intervene on behalf of the ruling class. The state cannot sufficiently maintain the interest of the dominating class by repressive force only. Louis Althuser state that an Ideological State Apparatus, ISA, is needed. Marxists modern society schools as a very important ISA.
In many advanced capitalist societies people of different races, women and children are undermined. This raises question towards functionalist views that suggest that achieved characteristics are rewarded by modern societies. In these societies, there is no equity in distribution of social benefits and rewards. There is also no equality in an individual’s number of years of studying to the incomes they earn. Rewards and social benefits need to be...

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