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Capetown High School

Taking a Bite out of Education!!!

Cougar ISD

Capetown High School
1979 Shoreside Drive
Capetown, Texas 73911

Principal- Scott Thomison
Assistant Principal- Guillermo Altamirano
Academic Counselor- Travis Cole
Athletic Director- Mike Nelson
Health & Fitness- Matt Tarbutton
Counselor- Emilio Luna
IT- John Kenna

Mascot- Sharks
School Colors- Navy Blue and White
Motto- Taking a Bite out of Education!

Mission Statement:
To provide all learners with the leadership and knowledge of today. To prepare learners for the rigors of life, today, tomorrow, and the future.

Principal- Scott Thomison

Curriculum • There will be one core curriculum with equal access for all students regardless of the program/s. • To assure that students leaving the District's school possess the skills and knowledge to have a successful experience in higher education and in the workplace. • All teachers must turn in a bi weekly lesson plan to their department chair and approved before final approval from Principal.

Faculty and Staff • All Faculty and Staff must sign in at the beginning and end of their day. Name badges must be visible above the waist and photo facing out. • You must park your car in your assigned space with tag hanging from rear view mirror facing out. • Teachers must be available to students at all times during the school day unless other arrangements have been prior. This falls under our open door policy. • You must attend either morning or afternoon Faculty/Staff meeting every month this is mandatory, if one is missed without prior consent or notice proper actions will follow. • All students leaving campus during the school day with a Faculty or Staff member must have a written consent form and filed one day before the travel date. This excludes athletics and other competitive...

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