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School Environment Analysis
Migdalia Torres-Rosario
Grand Canyon University: 575
May 14, 2014

School Environment Analysis
There are many problems in schools that impact the instruction that is delivered and how children learn. According to Lecture, 2 (2012, p.2), “Understanding the environmental context of an organization can provide insight into areas that require the leader's attention, evaluation, reorganization, or support.” Therefore, it is vital for the school leadership to be aware of the issues that are occurring at the school to be prepared to impact change. Also, it is important for leaders to create committees of teachers to help address the problems of a school. When teachers participate in solving school problems, they feel investing in the school and are motivated to become leaders.
One of the environmental factors that is a problem at my school is the socioeconomic issues that the students, parents, and community face. About 85% of the students at my school receive free lunch. My school is located in a poor urban community, where violence, poverty, and drugs are harsh realities. Most students have one or more family members in jail and often write essays about the police coming to their apartments and domestic abuse. However, there is very little that teachers and administrators could do to assist with this issue. One thing leaders and teachers can do is provide support and education regarding domestic abuse, gang violence, and maintaining safety. Many of our students don’t have their own apartments or beds and sleep on other family member’s sofas, air mattresses, or the floor. Unfortunately, sometimes the Guidance Counselor at my school must call Child Protective Services because students are being neglected, abused, and not being properly cared for. We also have a high population of foster children, homeless, and...

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