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Instructions: Write an expository essay (that is, one that develops some central claim, idea, or opinion) on ONE of the topics suggested below.

1. Should be between 300 and 400 words in length; 2. Should contain several well-developed paragraphs that support and illustrate your central idea; 3. Must be written in ink, not pencil.

Make an outline and a draft of your essay on the pages entitled “Rough Work.” Be sure to allow yourself to revise your initial draft. Only what you write on the “Finished Work” pages will be evaluated.


Note: If your essay is not directly about one of the following topics, it will receive no mark.

What are the major factors in deciding how many children to have?

Having children to create thefor next generation is necessary for our society. Every family might have a different number of children. In my opinion, deciding how many children to have depends on athe country’s policiesy, financial status, and responsibilities.

First, people usually consider athe country’s policiesy. For example, China has the One Child Policy. If a family has more than one child, it is against the law. On the contrary, most western countriesy such as Canada always encourage familiesy to have more children. Also families get more money from government if they have more children. We can obliviously see that many countries have different policiesy to control the population;, therefore, people should know about their country’s policiesy before making the decision.

Moreover, financial status of family is an important factor that decides how many children to have. Having a child could cost a significant amountmuch money. If people have a low income, having more children seems difficult for them. Also, the education offor children is a large expense. Some poor families are not able to afford the education fees for their children, so they choose to have fewer children.

Finally, every parent has responsibilities to take care of their children. Most people sayid that parents are the best teacher for the children, because parents are the people that children stay the longest time with. In addition, some parents are very busy every day, and they have no time to educate their children. People like them prefer to have few children, and although this. It can reduce the parents’ burden, also it also allows parents to easily to bring up their children. Thus, people should consider their responsibility as a parent and decide how many children to have.

To sum up, a country’s policiesy, financial statuspolicy and responsibilities are the important factors that decide how many children to have. However, no matter how many children a family has, the parents should take their ownhave the responsibilityies to nurture their children.





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