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Conclusion : Conclusion Globalization and technological advancements have both managed to change our country’s education system, economy and thus the entire work place. Politics, in theory and practice, affects education: its organization, policies, funding, operations, and outcomes. Testing, which was supposed to be a way of assessing reform, is now being treated as the actual reform.

The Political Issues : The Political Issues There are several issues that have manifested themselves in the political arena in regards to our schools and the education being provided. These issues range from who controls and makes the decisions for our schools, to educational reform to teacher certifications, to the trend of free choice of school and funding

Again, this is a matter of opinion.

You can argue that our educational system favors the better-off of society and disfavors the poor. Our system pours more resources into the schools that need them less and deny them to the schools that need them more.

So I would say that the economic factor involved in educational problems is inequality and poverty. Because there are poor and rich (and because they are geographically segregated) we end up having poor schools and rich schools. The poor ones end up with lower standards of education.

I would say the political factor is our aversion to "redistribution." We do not like our tax dollars to go to pay for things that will help other people's kids. This is especially true when the other people are poor. We tend to think their poverty is their own fault and that our hard-earned dollars should benefit our own kids.

A glaring political factor that creates problems for us in education is the national, state and local use of the education issue as a springboard to gain office. Schools are consistently labeled as failing when in fact they enjoy great success year after...

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