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Are you tired of the same old thing at lunch? Would you like to see some changes to your school lunch room? To begin with we should have true cafeteria style.We should have TVs,Booths,Ice cream bars,And all you can eat buffet with meat and jerky.We should also have fireplaces and wooden floors.We should also have ceiling fans.

At the same time,we should have restaurant style tables and booths.It would be more comfortable and you could also sit down,talk to friends and have more social time.We could also sit where ever we want with our friends and not have to sit at certain tables.The tables should have fancy tablecloths on them to.We should also have salt and pepper on the middle of our table.

Above all I think we should have

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...2.1 Business 100 The School board changed the breakfast and lunch programs to help improve nutrition and health of our children. The changes so far seem to be for the best of all the children. There are four major issue dealing with the changes are, economic situations, Health of population being served, process, and the benefits of the program. One of the four major issues is economic situation. The federal government will add six more cents to each lunch to make it meet the new standards. New standards took effect in 2011 for schools breakfast and lunch programs. Also parents are in charge of what their children eat, but kids are in the care of the school a good portion of their life too. From my research on this program, children receive up to half there calories at school in form of school breakfast, lunches, and snacks.( Crawford, 2011) Also with the economic downturn we have been in advocates have proposed some changes, which makes more children eligible for free or assistants on meal prices. Meanwhile, meal providers are having issues with covering program costs. Improving the quality of meals for children is essential, but the hard part is getting the students on board with all the health good food and not all the greasy unhealthy foods. Second issue is the heath of the population being served. There are about 25 million kids that are obese and/or overweight. Obesity rates have skyrocketed by 300% over the last 30 years. (Crawford, 2011) An analysis in 2005 found...

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...Lunch school programs are trying to become healthier across our nation. This initiative is becoming more common at each school due to economic and student needs. In this paper, we will look at meeting the needs of the students with a planned process. There will be two charts to show progress of the effects the changes have done to the student’s food choices. These choices were derived from the guides given by the USDA (“National School Lunch Program”, 2013). Recent changes to the schools lunch and breakfast menus has helped in keeping students more healthy and driving school cost to more efficient levels (“National School Lunch Program”, 2013). Most schools give students choices to choose their lunch or breakfast choices. While this is a common practice in most schools, students do not always choose healthy meals. The goal is to give only healthy choices to students so that they may increase their nutrition level intake. The guidelines set forth by the USDA, on the student meal index, is what will be used to assess the changes in students nutrition levels (Kay & Condon, 2012 pg 9). The first major change that needs to be done is re-asses the snack machines in the schools. Each school more than likely has one or two snack machines that are accessed by the students. The contents of the snack machines need to be changed to more health conscious items. An example is replacing sodas, or high sugar drinks, with water and low sugar juices. Each school needs to replace candy...

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School Lunch just to collect your own small bowl --or tray-- of heaven we call school lunch? SMART lunch should be a time to study, finish homework, or unwind. But how can a person focus with people crashing through the hall in the fashion of a herd of elephants or screeching not unlike chimps fighting for the ripest banana? My only escape is the chorus room, nevertheless, even the brief fifty-foot walk down the hall is unnecessarily difficult and occasionally dangerous. On one occasion, due to the behavior exhibited in the hallway, I was almost provoked into creating a scene of my own. As expected, the cafeteria building was chaos necessitating me to weave and dodge through the crowd, however, this time after paying for my lunch, little did I know, I would be...

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... School Lunch Programs With the new and improved “heathier” lunch menu most students and teachers would rather turn down this free meal, and head over to their next period class instead. Others see this change to be remarkable and a great way to help kids balance what they eat. Since this act passed in 2010 and was sponsored by first lady Michelle Obama the disputation of a healthier menu has been a nonstop argument between schools and the NCLP (National School Lunch Program). With nothing but good intentions involved most students would rather stick to their bad eating habits. Trading in those fried potato wedges for a whole wheat sub was not so easy for some, and the controversy of a healthy school menu aroused quickly. Kids and even staff seemed uneasy about the change and thought it was a bit drastic. With unhealthy lunch and snacking taking from kids, they look at lunch to be a disadvantage to get rejuvenated for next two to three classes. Most kids are no longer waiting for the bell to dismiss for lunch anymore because of the unappetizing school menu. With nothing but good intentions involved with changing the schools menu kids feel otherwise. National School Lunch Programs thought the idea of what you do should balance out with what you eat and that idea should apply to students as well. Knowing students have no in school activities that requires major movement like running, jumping, etc. Their school lunch now reflects that. Students look at lunch as their...

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...changes in school lunches are beneficial to everyone that is involved. Children are becoming obese sooner in life do to not eating the right things at school. If we supply breakfast and a healthier lunch for children, they would be a lot healthier. This brochure should inform you of the benefits for your children to eat healthier. Congress passed the National School Lunch Act in 1946 to support commodity prices after World War II by reducing farm surpluses while providing food to schoolchildren. By 1970, the program was providing 22 million lunches on an average day, about a fifth of them subsidized. Since then, the subsidized portion has grown while paid lunches have declined, but not since 1972 have so many additional children become eligible for free lunches as in fiscal year 2010, 1.3 million. Today it is a $10.8 billion program providing 32 million lunches, 21 million of which are free or at reduced price. The number of students receiving subsidized lunches rose to 21 million last school year from 18 million in 2006-7, a 17 percent increase, according to an analysis by The New York Times of data from the Department of Agriculture (Sam Dillion, New York Times, Nov. 30, 2011). Some children only get to eat food at school. In Dallas, Newark and Chicago, for instance, about 85 percent of students are eligible, and most schools also offer free breakfasts. Now, some places have added free supper programs, fearing that needy students otherwise will go to bed hungry. Our school systems...

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...All schools have rules that in theory sound good, but do not end up working out very well. At Conroe High School, there are lot of rules. A rule that needs to be changed is lunch being only twenty minutes. (Which for athletes who are released late it is even less than that.) Some will say, if lunch is longer, it will leave more time for people to cause trouble. However, that is not actually the case. As it would be more time to do positive things. Having a longer lunch would allow students to get help from teachers, speak, with a counselor, etc. All of which normally take up class time. If those things were to be done in the short lunch time there is now, no one would even have time to actually eat! A problem I, and many other students...

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...Most students are complaining about healthy lunch at school. It is a fact, nine out of ten students surveyed don't like the school lunch, when in fact they should. This year is a mush healthier lunch in cafeteria. There are vegetables and you have fat free milk also. I have some ideas how students can live a healthy life by eating healthy, avoiding fast food, and try to make a limit. First, healthy means having or indicating good health in your body, and being healthy is better way to live your life. If students will eat healty they would be able to do or achieve anything in his/her own way. In body person could be strong and healthy. They will have positive thoughts and not negative thoughts. Second, students should eat healthy and...

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...In our school district, the principal of Northern Middle School allowed all of the middle school students to leave school to go get lunch. The lunch period would still be an hour, but the school system thinks that it's a good idea to provide 40 minutes of lunch due to traffic or the wait times of restaurants. The extra 40 minutes would provide us with having more time to eat what we want and we wouldn't have to be worried about being late back to school. I think being able to go get lunch out of school is a great idea, especially if you forgot your lunch at home and you would never eat cafeteria food. Having this system in our would be good news to the students that are very allergic to most of the school cafeteria food sold at school. This...

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School Lunch Research Paper to be with the sound of children chattering about recess, smell of bean chowder cooking as icing drips from cinnamon roll in the oven: a memory I grab from my bank taking me back to second grade. Contrary to today's lunch break it is more like getting a tray in the army and children don't have time to learn about healthy choices on their lunch period or even have enough time to socialize while taking a brain break. Their choices are healthier, but not always appetizing and tasteful. For example, my four year old son Hayden says" I can't always get my food packages open in enough time to finish all of my lunch." He is often very hungry after pre kindergarten when I pick him up, his teacher Ms. Ennis said today after school "he is probably starving the poor thing didn't like any of the cafeteria choices and didn't eat lunch today he didn't care for the raw carrots." She named the several choices many including raw vegetables and bread that he has an allergy...

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