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School Lunches

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I am comparing two images of perfume advertisements designed to attract my attention in purchasing one. The first image is pop singer Rihanna with her brand of perfume called RiRi and the second image was of an unidentified model with the perfume name Chloe. I must say both ads try to grab your attention with beautiful women displayed and advertising the perfume bottles with a simple yet direct approach. It seems that although they are both perfumes designed for women, they are targeted towards different types of women. RiRi brand is a colorful add that looks to be targeted towards younger and urban women. Rihanna is well known and there are a lot of young and middle age women that admire and look up to her. You can even ask some women about her and they will say that they would love to be her. The Chloe brand is looks to be directed towards the more affluent women and business minded type of women. There are business women that would look at this ad and think this would be a great smell for the office or a business meeting. It looks to be a simple and pleasant smell that will complement the average business or older woman. I would purchase RiRi brand of perfume for a number of reasons. Rihanna is an international super star. I love her music, the way she dress and just adore her accent. If her name or image is attached to anything especially a brand of perfume then I am under the assumption that the brand is high quality and a delightful fragrance.

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...Think of what students are learning at school and how it affects their lives. School lunches can in turn, affect what students eat outside of school in a potentially hazardous way. This in turn can be a major hazard to many students in many ways. My school can improve its school lunch system in three ways. The three ways are: 1. to serve healthier and more nutritious meals, 2. to have more sanitary practices with the cafeteria workers, and 3. improve the seating arrangements in the cafeteria. My school cafeteria lunches serve meals that can potentially be dangerous to one’s health. On a typical day, we may have a Mexican pizza and corn. These are two carbohydrates and are not two good food choices or a balanced meal. My school offer salad and a fruit if you want to buy it; but as you know most middle schooler's will not choose to buy either. Fruit, salad, and a vegetable should not be an open option but part of balanced school lunch. Again, school cafeterias should provide healthier lunches for students. Schools need options for students that can in the end benefit their health. Providing healthier school lunches can decrease the obesity rate around not only at my school but around the world. Statistics say, “Healthy lunches would help decrease the rate of childhood obesity and health effects” (“School Lunches”). Secondly, my cafeteria should serve more sanitary foods. I say this because sometimes we find small human hairs in our food during lunch time. My friends and I......

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...program is to address the concerns of balancing the nutritional needs of children and concerns of childhood obesity. Often times the meals consumed at school represent the children’s majority of calorie and nutrient intake. The new food program will include specific amounts of calories, fat and nutrients needed for the age group of students. The program will result in a higher cost for meals and will be partially funded through reimbursement from the National School Lunch Program. This aspect of the program will be outweighed by the benefits seen in children's health, fresher foods, less missed days from illness and classroom behavior. The recent changes made by the school board to breakfast and lunch programs were based on the economic situation, need to improve the nutrition and health of the students, development costs and overall benefits of the program. The economic situation of the schools is a key factor in these changes. The question is will these changes fit in budget constraints and still generate revenue. School food service programs are much like a business. What needed to be constructed was a strategy to improve the food offered without losing revenue or increasing expense. The food program is made up of free federal lunches for low income children, reduced lunches, fully paid lunches and ala carte items. The schools do get reimbursements from the government as long as the meals meet certain guidelines. What needed to be considered is the loss in revenue......

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...Background In April 2008, six Brescia University College students: Kathryn Kielstra, Breanne MacHardy, Lynn Mockler, Tara Price, Sunali Swaminathan and Ruth-Elen Tisdale were nearing the completion of their Management and Organizational Studies Program. They were considering launching Pack-iTS, an entrepreneurial venture. Pack-iTS would be a healthy lunch preparation and delivery service, serving elementary schools within the Thames Valley District School Board in London, Ontario. The six-person partnership had$25,000 to invest, but needed to know if additional financing would be required. The Pack-iTS lunch program would provide flexibility for parents and children. Parents would select from a variety of menu options, as well as the regularity. The lunches would be prepared and assembled at a Pack-iTS facility. The lunches would then be marked with the teacher’s name and put into a container for delivery. A consideration for the partners was to position the program as a fundraising initiative, where a portion of the gross sales would be donated to the school. The main objective of Pack-iTS is to promote healthy eating habits and reduce parental stress associated with planning. According to results from a Canadian Community Health Survey, obesity rates among children and adults had increased substantially during the past 25 years. In 1979, three percent of children aged two to 17 were obese. By 2004, eight percent were obese. The partners were looking to......

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...Calvinia Hall English Composition 2 December 18, 2014 Mr. Kessler I am siding with Ms. Lopez support of legislation to increase school funds for school lunches to the underprivileged. Although Will Smith supports legislation to repair crumbling highways which is also very important because we need good highways for tax payers to get too work in order for legislation to have the money to begin with and because I lived in Cleveland my whole life and so know a lot about bad streets and highway and how costly it is to get a bent rim fixed on your car because of problems with crumbling streets and high ways I can see why fixing them would be good side but I believe that the taking the 100 million to increase funds for school lunches to underprivileged is a much better idea. Coming from an underprivileged family I like many other children from my community received free/ discount lunch and when it wasn’t supplied by the school my parents had to use whatever food we had in the house for mem to take to lunch. A lot of time the meals weren’t the healthiest because like many other families we could not afford the health choices this such as fresh fruit and vegetables weren’t always available for me to take to school. If the 100 million were sent to increase funds for school lunches to the underprivileged all students would have the same opportunity to eat the same meal and have the same healthy...

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...Changes That Need To Be Made To Our School Menus The state school board has decided that we need to look into redoing the breakfast and lunch menus we prepare for our students at our schools. We want to start adding more healthier food choices, but still include food that every student will enjoy. The state school board believes that the changes we are looking to implement will vastly improve the menu in ways that will only aid in several different issues that have been brought to our attention. Things such as the cost and the ability to cater to individuals who may have special diets. We are only looking out for the health and well-being of the current and future generations of students. This is our number one concern and certain steps are being taken to insure that the students in our schools get the best possible options. Today 15% of students ages 6-19 are overweight (, childhood obesity, n.d.). One out of three kids will get type two diabetes (foodsecurity,n.d.). The process will start by removing most of the current kitchen equipment and replacing it with ovens, stoves, and ample counter space. Which will enable us to prepare and cook the new healthier meals for our students. The change will require more time and effort from our kitchen staff thus creating more job openings and job security. While the initial costs may at first be quite extensive, we are very confident that the overall costs will even out within a short time frame. The meals......

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Gcse Health and Social A02 /Task 2 it is an infant school. The school had a mixture of both male and females of different ethnic background, religion, educational need and ability. In the group I was allocated there were some children that had just turned 4 who therefore had a lower ability to the children that had just turned 5. There was a mixture of both boy and girls in all the classes. There was a range of different religions and ethnic backgrounds such as Muslim, Asian, Jewish etc. There were some children with disabilities and health issues that needed extra help with things but were treated the same as everyone else. There were very few children with physical disabilities such as Cerebral palsy but there was child with Epilepsy. I am going to focus this part of my investigation on the needs of the children that attend Chalkwell hall Infant School. My client group has needs related to health, social, and developmental care. When I visited Chalkwell Hall Infant school I was able to observe how these needs were met within the service by observing the children in reception. The children in reception were aged 4-5 years. This was their first year at Chalkwell Hall. Physical needs The children in reception are given a healthy snack of a fruit or vegetable and milk or water in the morning between 10:00-10:30. They then have a healthy balanced lunch that can be in the form of school dinners, packed lunch or the children can have lunch at home. To ensure that the children's packed lunches are healthy......

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...English 19 February 2012 Schools: How they can help prevent Obesity “Selling Obesity at School” first appeared in the New York Times newspaper in 2009. In this editorial the writer aims to convince the readers that obesity is a major conflict in our schools. Logic, Credibility, and Emotions are techniques the writer skillfully uses to create a strong convincing article. The writer begins by talking about the federal school lunch program. He/she uses background information about the School lunch program to build our credibility. The writer states why the lunch program was constituted and the revision that was made to it in the 1960’s. This brings attention to our hostile audience with its ethical appeal. This technique immediately establishes the editorial as conceivable and informative. Another way the writer uses credibility is when he/she mentions congress being aware of the issue. This appeal to our hostile audience. It demonstrates the writer’s knowledge about the topic. Both the writer’s extrinsic and intrinsic ethos are strong. Base on the article you can tell the writer not only educated himself about the issue but he also wrote the article well. Federal school lunch program were not only use to build credibility but it also uses a logical appeal. Stating the background of the school lunch program brings logic to the argument. The statement attempts to persuade the audience by making a reasonable claim and offering proof about school lunches. In addition, the......

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