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The School of Business, one unit in a public university enrolling over 40,000 students, has approximately 2,100 students in its bachelor's, master's, and doctorate programs emphasizing such areas of business as accounting, finance, information and operations management, marketing, management, and others. Because the School of
Business must serve a diverse student population on limited resources, it feels it is important to accurately measure students' satisfaction with the school's programs and services. Accurate measurement of srudent satisfaction will enable the school to target improvement efforts to those areas of greatest concern to students, whether that be by major, r,rppott services, or some other aspect of their educational experience. The school feels that improving its service to its customers (students) will result in more satisfied alumni, better community relations, additional applicans, and increased corporate involvement. Because graduate and undergraduate students are believed to have different expectations and needs, the school plans to investigate the satisfaction of these two groups separately.
In a previous survey of graduating seniors using open-ended questions, three primary areas of concern were identified: the faculty, classes/curriculum, and resources. Resources consisted of five specific areas:
Undergraduate Advising Services, the Learning Center,
Computer Facilities, the Library, and the Career
Services Office. The research team for this project developed five-point Likert scale questions to measure students' satisfaction in each of these areas. In addition, demographic questions 'were included to determine whettrer satisfaction with the school was a function of a student's grade point
major, job status upon graduation, or gender. Previous surveys used by the...

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