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To teach personal hygiene, good manners and right conduct (values), how to count, to write and draw properly, to dance and to sing, and to teach the basic parts of the body for the nursery children (consists of children from 3 to 4 years of age) of Day Care Center in Brgy. Kaypian, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

I. Objectives

At the end of this activity, pupils must be able to know how to maintain proper hygiene even in a little way. How to respect their childhood friends and others. How to be well disciplined child and to know what’s wrong and right with their customs in life. How to count in order. And also at the end of this activity pupils must be able to sing and dance, and write and draw properly. How to appreciate the things that they have and to love their works, themselves, childhood friends, their teachers, their family, and the world.

II. Subject Matter

* Topic: Personal hygiene, Good Manners and Right Conduct, Writing, Dancing, Singing, Drawing, Counting, and the parts of the body. * References: Internet * Materials: Charts, Colors, Visual Aids, Marker, Pencil, Color Paper, Bond Paper. III. Teaching Methodologies

* Preliminary Activities: Step 1: Greeting Step 2: Introduction Step 3: Praying Step 4: Attendance Step 5: Introducing the pupils one by one

* Lesson Proper: Step 6: Exercise (Dancing) Step 7: Singing

* Motivation: Step 8: Activities and Games

* Presentation and Discussion: Step 9: Explaining/Discussion * Fixing Skills: Step 10: Question and Answer

* Application: Step 11: Board Work or Activities

* Generalization: Step 12: Summary of the Lesson Step 13: Clarifications

IV. Evaluation

* Recitation 1. How many fingers do we have?
Answer: 10 fingers

2. How many hands do we have?
Answer: 2 hands, the left and the right

3. What’s next after number three?
Answer: number 4

4. What’s the number before number ten?
Answer: number 9

5. What would you do first when you wake up?
Answer: Depending on the pupils.

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