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This report is designed to analyze Nokia Company and provide some recommendations for actions to improve its current competitive position. In addition, this report will discuss the overview of Nokia, its competitive advantages, the environmental scanning, five forces analysis, capabilities analysis, and competitive positioning. This analysis will help Nokia company to improve its services which will help it to attract many customers.
“Nokia is a leader in the fields of network infrastructure, location-based technologies and advanced technologies. Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, and with operations around the world, Nokia invests in the technologies of the future. Moreover, Nokia deals in wireless technology and mobile phones. It involves producing mobile phones for all customers. Nokia offers a wide range of mobiles for target customers. Until recently, Nokia also was a key participant in the mobile devices market through its Devices & Services business. In September 2013, Nokia announced an agreement with Microsoft whereby it would sell substantially all of its Devices & Services business to Microsoft. The transaction was completed on April 25, 2014.” (Nokia 2014)
Competitive Advantages
Nokia started 18 months back even before Android and iPhone and this make them have strong brand name. Also, Nokia offers cost effective and compatible products. This is because it has different prices where low income earners can be afford and those of high income earners can find the price at their level.
Target market
The target market of Nokia are all people who use mobile phones. This is because it has different types of phones and it has innovated ones in order to satisfy its customers. Also, it is targeting different businesses because it has the mobile devices market through its Devices & Services business. This will let the businesses…...

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