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PSYCHOLOGY of ADOLESCENCE PSY 3311.02 Period 98 online Fall 2015 PART 1: Instructor & Course Identification INSTRUCTOR: Viviane Daigle, Ph. D. OFFICE: Daniel 308C (Demorest); 304-E (Athens) PHONE: 778-8500 x 1290 EMAIL: OFFICE HOURS: Sending me an email is the best way to contact me. I will respond to emails within 24 hours during the week and on Monday if received on the weekend. PART 2: Course Policies:

Steinberg, L. (2014). Adolescence. (10th ed.) New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.
Additional materials: (Word glossary and practice quizzes) (help with APA style writing) PLATFORM: Moodle, PSY 3311.02 F 15

This course will familiarize students with the scientific study of adolescence. Theory, methodology, and research will be covered along the biological, cognitive, and psychosocial domains of development during the period western cultures refer to as adolescence. Development and behavior during the teen years will also be considered within the context of culture, family, and peers. Student Learning Objectives:
1) Students will develop an understanding of the development of a period of adolescence.
2) Students will be able to understand the various psychological theories of adolescent development and research methodologies employed to study adolescence.
3) Students will understand the interplay of biology, cognition and emotion, and cultural contributions to adolescent behavior.
4) Students will be able to discuss the relevance of psychological theories to the understanding of adolescent behavior.
5) Students will become familiar with current issues related to adolescent life. GRADING POLICY:
It is your...

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