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Education system prpblems

The drastically increasing cost of college is effecting many students all across the United States. Whether the student is coming from a low income home, or a high middle class family, it is starting to impact students all over the country regardless of back round or income. Although there are many opportunities for scholarships, it has become increasingly difficult to get a full ride, or even a partial scholarship. Financial aid is becoming harder to access, and loan rates are steadily on the rise. The increase in tuition across the board is causing many mixed emotions from students, whether to become educated and start life in debt, or try to find a decent job somewhere local and make ends meet. This is a decision that a student should never have to encounter, and there are steps that can be taken to ensure every student that is eager to gain a education is able to do so. The cost of college is sharply increasing day by day, while the resources students have decrease. According to a study done by the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, “college tuition and fees increased 439 percent from 1982 to 2007 while median family income rose 147 percent.”(“College May Become Unaffordable for Most in U.S.”). This means, that while the cost of the median family did go up by 147 percent, tuition cost went up nearly 2.9 times more. Almost triple the cost. This same study also found that “Student borrowing has more than...

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...Daniel Klucker Ms. Jennings English 111-13 1 October, 2014 More F’s are Needed in the School System In today’s Education system there seems to be problems on top of problems and the problems don’t seem to be getting fixed. One major problem seems to not be one factor, but many factors as Carl Singleton explains in his article “What Our Education System Needs is More F’s”. What our education needs in today’s world is more and more F’s. The basic problem in our education today is that many people are being credited for something they didn’t earn nor should receive. Students are being taught by teachers these days that they don’t have to work hard enough to pass their way through high school. This problem seems to be growing due to the lack of teaching and correct grading done by the teachers. It seems as if some of these teachers should have never been qualified in first place to be able to start teaching. Over the years, Illiteracy among High School students has risen, but the students seem to be graduating instead of flunking like many students should be. Teachers have become too generous and it is teaching these High School students laziness and it will cause problems for the students’ work ethic in the future. High School is the most important time for an individual to learn because it is the final step until you reach the real world. Sending these students home with decent grades show their parents that they seem to be alright, but in reality they are not. They......

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...Executive Summary Reforming Education: Firing and Motivating Teachers The public educational system in Texas is failing. The current practice of retaining underperforming teachers is preventing students from receiving the quality of education that is necessary to succeed. To correct this problem, we propose a system for evaluating teacher performance at the elementary school level based on state test scores. Teachers will be placed into one of four categories based on their students’ educational growth: top performing tier, high performing tier, medium performing tier, or lowest performing tier. Teachers performing in the top tiers will be rewarded with public praise and annual bonuses, while teachers in the bottom tiers will be placed on probation which includes performance improvement courses. Teachers who are unable to improve their performance will be fired. The tactics to sell this plan to the Spring Branch Independent School District board will be based on consistency, intrinsic and extrinsic motivators, emotion, and the Expectancy Chain. Convincing the school board to fire underperforming teachers will challenge the educational status quo, but will improve the quality of education given to students. Reforming Education: Firing and Motivating Teachers Public education is failing in Texas. Texas ranks forty-first out of fifty states in high school graduation rates. “The research shows that kids who have two, three, or four strong teachers in a row will......

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Finnish School System the best way? America can create a better system of learning by treating students as individuals, by assuring that schools are created and funded equally by the government, and focusing conditions around what produces the most optimal learning. The sad fact is that the U. S. educational system does not rank in the world's top ten. Educational norms in the United States require students to learn the material in the same format and at the same pace. A student’s best individual learning style, such as auditory or visual, is not addressed by most teachers because they do not go into a lesson with more than one strategy for teaching the material. “If one method fails, teachers consult with colleagues to try something else. They seem to relish the challenges. Nearly 30 percent of Finland’s children receive some kind of special help during their first nine years of school.” This quote, from a Smithsonian article, on the #1 ranked Finnish school system highlights one of the root causes for America’s educational failures. Students should be treated as individuals but schools should not....

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Ethiopian School System is not only a necessity, but a right to all individuals regardless of gender or class. Over the course of the last decade, Ethiopia has experienced vast improvements in its education system. In 2005, the net enrollment ratio in Ethiopia was 77.5% for grades 1-4 and 37.6% for grades 5-8. Since then, enrollment has increased to 92.2% for grades 1-4 and 48.1% for grades 5-8 (UNDP). With the aid of the United Nations and other groups, Ethiopia has been making progress towards achieving primary education throughout the country; however, there is a necessity for a final push in completing this development goal. One of the largest obstacles that Ethiopia had towards achieving nation-wide primary education was the fact that the schools had fees. With a poverty rate of about 30% (UNDP), this created a problem for a large portion of Ethiopia’s population eligible for schooling, as they simply could not afford to attend. Between 1974 and 1991, Ethiopia was a communist state. With resources sparse and funds lacking, the communist government of Ethiopia initiated the fees that students had to pay in order to attend schooling. The communist government system fell to make way for a federalist government system in 1991, and over the course of the next 5 years, all public government schools had abolished...

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...segregated school system in New York City, America is progressing backwards. With the increasing numbers of minority students attending schools in racially and economically isolated neighborhoods, it is easy to say that America is right back to where it started—a segregated system that is keeping students of color from long-term equal achievement. Furthermore, it is causing a decrease in New York City’s general academic performance of students, and minority families can no longer...

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...Co-Educational School Systems Coeducational school systems are complex and controversial issues that are discussed throughout school systems across the United States. Some people think separating young men and woman could contribute to their studies. I strongly disagree with this statement that young men and women should attend separated schools. I say they should be educated in the same school to prepare them for society. School system all across the world should be coeducational. Now, it’s very important today that young men and women should have the some kind of knowledge of every aspect. Our schools are not only academic utensils but are utensils used to mode our educators of tomorrow. The purpose of the education is to teach them about the world outside the four walls of the class room which involves the opposite sex. The different opinion on subjects from classmates will help them develop the skills of listening and embraces others informational thoughts. Secondly, they encounter friendship with different genre of people by just communicating with them. As a youth they don’t even know their preparing for life outside the four walls of a classroom. They learn to communicate with the opposite sex as youth which is important in almost every workforce today. The coeducation method of regulating a school system basically prepares student to deal with all kinds of people. Once, the youth is taught in the same classrooms with...

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...The Complications within the Public School System California College San Diego ENG 101 Composition The Complications within the Public School System We as humans aren't standardized in our thought process so why are there curriculums? We send our young ones to school to set them up for their future. We invest time into our children whether it is at home or at a place where learning is the main objective. How much are we really getting out of the system if it is all standardized? It seems like the public school system is set up so that they push kids straight through without the proper materials or support they need to succeed. We need to focus on the student as a whole and not as a piece of the percentage. Lack of Funding Lack of funding affects the school public school system in many ways. Without the proper funding, the students do not get the proper books they need in order to participate in class. If a school doesn’t have enough money to buy the necessary amount of books, then kids are now sharing or using books with missing pages. In more well off school districts they don’t have those problems. In many American inner cities, there is a lack of funding in public schools resulting in the use of old, damaged textbooks and some teachers using personal funds to purchase new books. Pennsylvania is one state that has a history with a lack of funding issues. “Pennsylvania’s school districts were, and continue to be, highly dependent on the local wealth of their......

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