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CHAPTER 2 What is Raw milk ?
Raw milk, also known as unpasteurized milk, is milk that has not been pasteurized. Milk is use for important uses , It is an infant food, Is a food for adults, Milk has a source of special food products and derivatives, such as koumiss cream butter and cheese , Also is an djuretic ,for its soothing effect on diseased mucous membranes of the alimentary canal , to loosen cough{when given hot} , As a prophylactic against lead poisoning ,This also use as a vechicle for administration of medicines , for rectal injection. Milk is also use in different recipes ice cream ,Egg custard pudding , cheese ,sour cream ,yogurt, butter, whip cream Advantages of raw milk : Raw milk has a total of eight types of nutrients, which is a balanced substance. This type of nutrient-rich milk is rich in protein and iron and calcium absorption and assimilation. Raw milk is easy to digest, stimulates the immune system, alleviate medical conditions, such as asthma, autism and digestive disorders. The raw milk also include anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties, and to reduce the pH level, and to prevent the growth of microorganisms. Successfully kill pathogens and bacteria, which in turn prevents the risk of food-borne diseases.
Disadvantages of raw milk : Raw milk producer in the synthesis of vitamin D, which is a toxic nature, and can have an adverse effect on the body. The raw milk is known to affect the anti-stiffness coefficient. It also results in less absorption of minerals. Because of this milk processing, have the opportunity to milk contains a certain amount of bacteria and other microorganisms, which may affect your health. People may be suffering from a different disease is chronic. You have to careful of were you store milk because it is straight from the cow and not pasteurized it will spoil quickly.When drinking raw you have to make sure that the cow has come from a healthy background that it has been eaten healthy or will get sick.

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