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Schools and There Rules

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Schools and their rules Kids are meant to enjoy their childhood and play around and have fun. Parents only want the best for their children, but it’s their children’s education that always come first. There are always controversies and arguments about which schooling benefits the student’s learning the most. Most kids are put into public schools because it doesn’t require much money unlike homeschooling or private school. Many families struggle with poverty so public schools are the only options left for them. Money isn’t the only problem that people are facing, but whether or not the students are learning going to school. Does the different type of schools really determine how much the students learn? What are the pros and cons of public schools, private schools and homeschooling? What type of school is the ‘right’ school? According to the Institute of Education Sciences, folks reported having state funded school decision, more or less 25 percent went to a picked government funded school, while 67 percent went to their allocated school while the other 9 percent went to a non-public school. When it comes to how much the students are learning, is the school really the most important factor? Parents are the ones who mainly makes the decision in what schools are better for their child. Usually, private schools are mainly for religious purpose. They are quite strict, but I have Ngo 2 read articles in the newspaper that they have a better teaching system compared to public schools, but it varies for different people. Here in Tucson, public schools are very low ranked compared to other cities in Arizona. Most parents try to save money for their kids to attend private schools because of the expenses in private schools and homeschooling, since the government don’t really fund it as much as public schools. Studies shows that the reasons that students...

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