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Schools Kill Creativity

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Topic Proposal: Creativity Limitations in the Public School System Is the public school system limiting the creativity of the students that are enrolled? Creativity in the public school system is a controversial topic that has sparked the attention of many. We live in a society that enforces strict dress code policies in public schools. We live in a society that that has strict mandated curricula that must be followed, and we live in a society where art departments are being cut from schools. This topic requires immediate attention today because the public school system is negatively impacting the creativity of the enrolled students by not allowing students to freely explore their selves and areas of interest. By conducting research that deals with how the public school system is impacting the students’ creativity from both viewpoints, I will attempt to show the multitude of arising problems with the public school system, and ultimately support my own opinion about the topic. I will also explain why immediate action is necessary and steps to take in order to begin reversing the issue I feel as if the public school system is limiting the creativity of students in many ways. Some ways include, but are not limited to, the enforcement of dress code policies, the mandated curricula that teachers must follow, and the budget cuts that are taking art departments out of public school. However, there are many other opposing viewpoints to my claim. Tim Bradley, a writer for the Huffington Post, is an opponents to my claim, and he suggest that the dress codes enforced are to maintain equality in the schools. Bradley also feel that a strict mandated curricula must be in place to keep teachers relevant and to give everyone the same education. However, this is where a great deal of controversy occurs, because do you allow everyone to get the same education, or should the...

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...Talk Analysis: Schools PHL 458 September 08, 2014 Mrs. LaTrisha McAloon Creative Spark Talk Analysis: Schools Kill Creativity Belief that public education standards are suppressing the creativeness of children, thus society as whole, is gaining wide spread acceptance. The pressure that students are under to achieve in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs leaves little time for commitment to creative programs such as music, theater, dance, film, and visual arts. Society today places more value on science and math, a holdover from the Industrial Revolution and manufacturing in the United States after World War II. Diminishing Creativity In his discussion at the Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) Conference in Monterey, CA February 2006, author and educator Sir Ken Robinson presented the argument that “We have been educated to become good workers, rather than creative thinkers.” (Robinson, 2006). Parents have been “indoctrinated” by the same education system that now strives to quell the creative spark in todyas new generation. The emphasis of STEM in the education process removes emphasis from creative programs. Children are turnover to the education system for seven to nine hours a day. Teachers don’t want a child to be a dancer, musician, or writer and push academic achievement in STEM classes as an extrinsic motivator. For example, Doing well in math and science will put on the path to a scholarship at a great school! We have all......

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...School Kills Creativity Derrick Bryant HUM/144 September, 25 2012 Shari Bevans School Kills Creativity I thought Sir Ken Robinson makes an interesting point concerning America’s education system. He is right about high school they do not understand creative kids. Most kids that are hyper active we need to just find out what their creative interest are. He also talks about how our school system could be weakening our kids’ minds. Schools are geared towards educating our kids towards being professionals in a particular field. Some of the strengths he talked about concerning Americas school system is that teacher are not understanding the creativity of our kids. For example if a child is disruptive in class. The teacher may think that he or she is not well discipline. His suggestion is that these kids may have creative ideas that need to be express. I believe what he is talking about is kind of true. All kids are different in terms of how they learn. A lot of it comes from the way their parents teach them. Kids may creative, but that has to be nurtured by their parents and in school. He talked about a young lady who had some attention problems and how her parents found out that she was a dancer. That is not the case for all children, because all parents can afford to send their kids to other creative schools. In my conclusion what Sir Robinson talks about is not the best solution for all kids. What I see in my culture kids trying to raise kids or grandparents......

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...How Schools Kill Creativity Eric Godinez PHL/458 27 October 2014 Cyndi Bills How Schools Kill Creativity For this paper I chose talk “How Schools Kill Creativity” by Sir Ken Robinson. The talk takes place in Monterey, CA February22-25, 2006 and the conference was named “The Future We Will Create”. And rightly so with many of the speakers being futurists and many of the talks held emphasized future developments in various fields. Sir Ken Robinson is a British author, speaker, and international advisor on education in the arts. I had seen this talk on TED a few years ago and it really struck a chord with me. I had not seen it I quite some time and so when I saw it again it had the same effect on me as the first time I saw it. I found the talk to be not only enlightening but funny and upbeat. Sir Ken Robinson has excellent public speaking skills and a fantastic wit. During his talk he brings up several points about education and the current system. The Importance of Creativity To begin his talk Sir Ken Robinson states that children have a great capacity for innovation. I can certainly relate to this being a father of two girls and stepson. They all have their unique gifts and talents. My stepson is whiz when it comes to math he is only nine years old, my twelve year old daughter love to play cello, and my five year old daughter loves to sing and dance. I once was waiting in a very long line and she started to sing a song I had never heard before. It......

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...Creative Spark PHL/458 For this assignment, I chose Sir Ken Robinson’s video talk about how schools kill the creativity of the children they teach. In his roughly 20 minute speech in Monterey California, in February 2006, he took center stage to deliver a humorous monologue on the spark of creativity. He pointed out that it was his belief that everyone has an interest in education, and it runs deep within us as a society, because it drives the way our culture performs. His speech points out that education is the catalyst that is preparing us for the future, and that right now no one knows what the future will hold for us. In 20 years or even five, we are unable to predict with any certainty what the world will require of its population, because we don’t know what the future holds and how do we educate for it? No matter where you travel in the world today the education systems are set up in the same general order of importance.Math, Science, Language, and Humanities always are at the top of the education list, with creative activities such as Arts, Dancing, and Theater at the bottom. In his speech, he spoke of the education system of today being antiquated to the developments over the last 50 years. The current system which has been developed in the 19th century to accommodate the educational needs of industrial growth, has since lost its edge. In today’s world, with its growing population and advanced development,a creative and innovative ideas to continue forging ahead......

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...Creativity, education, and play all have similar aspects when it comes to the world of the arts. Creativity is another another word for being different. Without taking a chance at something you cannot be creative. Playing and education both coincide with one another in great ways, but a lot of educators neglect this great act in trying to get children to learn. A few passages in the articles particularly resonated with me. One concept that interested me was an idea McCaslin suggested in his article “Play” about play and how it is a continuing way of learning. She said, “The impulse to play, if encouraged, can become a continuing way of learning, a medium of expression, and eventually an art form.”(Play/McCaslin pg. 43) In other words McCaslin is trying to say that play brings people together and allows them to open their mind in a different way. Educators in todays education system neglect the fact that play allows students to be more comfortable with one another as well as allowing them to do it on their own. Kids take playing games more serious than anything else they will do associated with school so why not integrate that into their lessons. In the aspect of play eventually being an art form, that statement is completely true. Playing is great for children as well as well as adults to actors. Playing is something actors do on a daily basis that allows them to be free and creative. Performing on stage can be considered play especially when it involves improv because that...

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...School Kills My Cereal Ken Robinson, an educationalist, sums up the issues of the current education system in a very nice way by saying that the most useful subjects for work are at the top of the hierarchy in education. This means that probably the biggest part of education system is there to prepare you for a job. The job however, is a job that will let you earn your life in a very basic sense. It is understood as some kind of a security, a buffer that is provided by your education so that you have something you can use, even if it is not something you are passionate about. This gives me the impression that the education system prepares you for “survival” or for being a “worker” as we have discussed in the class. This is not really ideal in a world where almost our entire knowledge can be changed by a new invention or discovery at any given minute. Creativity, exploration, discovery, invention are the things that move us forward. Repeating the same thing over and over again does not get us anywhere. Most jobs are however still algorithmic and require certain skills instead of interdisciplinary education or creative ideas. How is one to pursue creativity as a cashier who is repeating the same process all the time? Since, as Robinson puts it forth, education system is based on preparing you for the current environment, the change can only radically come from the work environment. As jobs and work environment require more and more creative and diversely talented people, and...

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