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The concept of this essay is to compare and contrast between the Scientific School of Thought and the Behaviorist School of Thought. To better understand this essay two matters must be understood, firstly understanding the meaning of management and secondly, the evolution of management. Management is a collection of different roles undertaken to achieve a job effectively.

Another matter that needs to be understood is the evolution of management. Management has evolved from the classical approach to bureaucracy to human relations movement and social psychological schools and finally to modern approach to management. The individuals involved during the evolution of management are Frederick Winslow Taylor, Henri Fayol, Max Weber, and Elton Mayo. F. W. Taylor and Henri Fayol developed classical theories and were concerned with the arrangement and performance of a formal organisation.

Max Weber developed a structure of organization known as bureaucracy. Weber developed six characteristics of bureaucracy as followed below: 1. Rules created by management, management will direct the lower levels of the organization by using in a steady and expected approach.

2. Separation of labour, each job is specified with different responsibilities and authority.

3. Hierarchical arrangement, each and every organization has a hierarchy of power. The top level staff gives direction to middle level staff and the middle level staff gives direction to the lower level staff.

4. Hired on the basis of his or her technical ability, depending on an individual’s technical ability an appointment to a position within the organization can be made.

5. Managers are salaried officials

6. Written documents

Elton Mayo who believed that people’s needs are crucial factors in achieving organisational effectiveness. Mayo was involved in the...

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