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Sci/162 Wk7 Staphylococcus

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As per wiki encyclopedia
Etymologically, Staphylococcus derives from the Greek word “Staphyle” meaning a bunch of grapes, and “kokkos” means berries. Those bacteria under the microscope appear like a branch of grapes or berries.

1. Staphylococcus aureus is the pathogen that causes this infection called staph infections. It resides on the skin, in the mouth, the genital, anus, and at the beginning of the nasal area. They multiply rapidly to form a colony, and they harmlessly occupied these areas of your body. As soon as the skin is torn or broken, they rush in to invade that surface, and if not quickly treated they causes significant damage through serious infections. The bacteria appear in many forms and are able to create multiple diseases at once. For example acne, boils, styes (infections of the eyelids) are the result of their action. They can be the cause of urinary track infections, and methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). These Bacteria build up strength naturally, and they will not dissipate with the common antibiotics treatment such as penicillin, special medications are required.

2. Infectious agent evolve within food and water in many forms; for example, when leaving meals and beverages exposed out in the air after a few hours it releases a toxin that creates a colony of staphylococcus aureus. Unfortunately, they are too complex to see with naked eyes to pick them apart before eating.
When cooking, use patience to complete the recipe properly, because eating raw or poorly cooked foods will create the bacillus cereus bacteria, agent of infections.
Meat is tasty, and is a good source of protein, however not everybody can prepare meat safely. For example, it has to stay refrigerated until the time to season and cook right away if over stay out for any reason it creates clostridium perfringens again agent to infectious...

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