Sci 241 Week 7 Check Point(Lifespan Nutrition Needs Presentation)

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SCI 241 Week 7 Check Point(Lifespan Nutrition Needs Presentation)
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SCI 241 Week 7 Check Point(Lifespan Nutrition Needs Presentation)
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SCI 241 Week 7 Check Point(Lifespan Nutrition Needs Presentation)
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SCI 241 Week 7 Check Point(Lifespan Nutrition Needs Presentation)
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...• What assignment did you enjoy the most? Why? • Are there any assignments that you have completed that have affected your life in terms of overall health and nutrition habits? If so, which assignment? • How has it affected you? I believe that throughout the course of this class I have learned many new and interesting facts about the way our bodies consume nutrients and minerals and how we should ensure we are taking in the correct amount to stay healthy and keep a will balance digestive system. I believe my favorite assignment during this class was that of the My Pyramid tracker and keeping record of my eating habits to have them analyzed and see how they stood up to the standardized recommended nutrients take for someone my age and body type. I found after doing this I had a better understanding of the diet that I should be following and therefore tried to do so when eating. I learned how to recognize foods that are unhealthy for you as well as regulate the amount of physical activity that I should do throughout the week. The physical fitness my pyramid tracker was a great way to learn of a new ways of performing activities to stay in shape. I find that after trying to implement more physical activities throughout my lifestyle I have noticed a healthier well-being as well as better physical shape. I try to run at least 3 to 4 times a week as well as do push-ups and situps. This helps me to meet the recommended exercise requirements that are set forth in the my...

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... get to the breakdown of the nutrients and the Percent Daily Values of each. “Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet” ( Zataran’s box, footnote). Here you see the nutrient that Americans consume to much of according to the “ How to Understand and use the Nutrition Fact Label (2004), These overly consumed nutrient include saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, and sodium. These nutrients can cause diseases if one consumes too much. The nutrients that is good for us is includes Calcium, different vitamins a, b, c, d, Iron, etc. The footnote is there to display general information about nutritional values. The footnote will always state that the values are based on a 2000 calorie diet (How to Understand, Para 9.) . The list under the foot note is a list of how much of each nutrient list should be consumed based on a 2000 calorie diet by public health expert (How to Understand, Para 10). Nutritional Chart Product | Servings | Calories | Total fat | Total Carbs | Total Protein | Total Fiber | Rice pilaf | 1/3 cup | 250 | 2% | 54g | 6g | 2g | Canned tuna | ¼ cup | 50 | 1% | 0g | 13g | 0g | Hunt’s sauce | ¼ cup | 20 | 0% | 4g | Less than 1g | 1g | Reference 1.) U.S. Food and Drug Administration.(2004). How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Label. Retrieved from:

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...Dietary Supplements Report SCI/241 5/13/2013 Dietary Supplements Report Report on Dietetic Appendages There are some appendages that are used with a view to improving the diet. These included basils, vitamins as well as, minerals and some other stuff. They appear in the numerous forms of the fine particles or capsules or liquors. Is having a dietetic appendages adventurous? or are they responsible for doing more harm? How does the central government control dietary appendages? Is has already been identified that dietetic supplements have a positive impact. It is truer in the case of where adherence to a strict appropriate diet daily is not maintained. In order to ensure that the body is getting all the required nutrients that are essential for the body to work accuratley, dietetic supplemets are a must. It is already know that Vitamin A and D, along with Calcium, fight against Bone Loss. Therefore, it is evident that they are essential for Bone Health as it is they which make bones well built. Again, eyesight requires Vitamin A because Vitamin A helps ones seeing ability. In addition, congealing of blood needs Vitamin K. Furthermore, the immune system of human body gets strengthened by Vitamin E. It also largely contributes to the refurbishment of DNA i.e. defective child i.e. a child with defects, doctors are often found suggesting their pregnant women patients to have a folic acid appendage. Again, insufficiency of vitamin and...

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...Protein Article Research Julie Giuliano SCI/241 December 13, 2012 Angela Pendergast Protein Article Research Proteins are always being produced, broken down and replaced in every part of our body. Proteins are found in body tissue, cells and all organs. You can get your daily protein by eating the following foods: Milk and Dairy products such as cheese Eggs Fish, Meat and Poultry Dry Beans and Peas Seeds and Nuts Grains Some Vegetables Some Fruits There are approximately 20 different types of amino acids that make up different proteins. Our bodies cannot produce essential Amino Acids; those types must be consumed by our diets. A source that contains all of the needed Amino Acids is called Complete Proteins. They can come from fish, meat, poultry, dairy products, milk, eggs and dry beans. For my age group I need to consume 46 grams of protein in my daily diet. By consuming too much protein in your daily diet could mean also consuming too many calories causing you to put on the pounds. Consuming too much protein can also cause health issues such as a higher rate in bone density loss in women which causes osteoporosis, some cancers are believed to be caused by high protein diets and some nutritional deficiency’s are due to high protein diets. For people that have high protein diets and cut all grains from their diets do not get the proper amount of dietary fiber. This can cause deficiency in both vitamins B and E along with Irritable Bowel...

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... SCI/241 Nutrition Principles of Economics By Maggy Ostorga March 8, 2013 Instructor: Larisa Wilson Our bodies are very much like fine-tuned machines and according to The Food Label and You video, the food you eat is the fuel that keeps you running. Therefore it is important to ensure that we are providing our bodies with the right nutrients as well as the appropriate amounts. To understand what amount and what type of nutrients you consume is to read the labels. Food labels are provided on all consumable goods to provide us with the products nutritional values. The labels are the guides we need to keep our machines in tiptop shape. Nutritional values can be found on the Nutrition label. To begin one must first understand what constitutes a serving size. Many times a packet contains more than one serving for instance, a box of cereal, a can of soup, or a liter of soda. Once a serving size has been determined one can begin to evaluate calories and daily values. If the contents indicate 18% of daily values then one future meal’s daily values can be adjusted not to exceed totally daily values of 100%. Daily values should also be applied in the vitamin section of the Nutrition label. There is rule called 5/20 which helps us understand whether the foods contents have enough of the nutrients we require. Let’s say the person is on a high protein diet. A serving of peanut butter is 9% of total daily value. Because it is over 5% it is considered to be...

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... they are not ready to have. Scenario 3: Caring for the Homeless In this scenario, secondary prevention is used, providing primary health services in the shelters will help to diagnose and treat medical problems before they become a serious concern. The prevention strategy used is effective; there is a place in my city that does something like this, but the difference is they are not located in the shelters, but in a building two doors down from the shelter. I would not do anything different from the way this was done. |Week Six: Determining Levels of Prevention | | | |  |Points Earned |Points Possible | |Resource (Reference): Ch. 8 of Human Services in Contemporary America |20 |20 | | | | | |Analyze the scenarios in Appendix E and describe the level of prevention each | | | |scenario addresses...

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... your shared folder. continued home 3. Click N​ext, ​ nd enter the email addresses of the people you a want to invite. 4. Add a personal message if you’d like, and click Share folder. continued home 5 Hooray, now you’re a Dropbox all-star! You’re all set to use Dropbox. Get started now, and let us know what you think on Twitter.​ See more tips and tricks Check out our Help Center to learn how to recover old versions of files, save space on your computer with Selective Sync, and explore other advanced features. Dropbox also includes a number of security tools to help you further protect your account and data. Visit our Security page to learn how to create a strong, unique password, enable two-step verification, and adjust your security settings. There’s even more to Dropbox Need more space or extra sharing controls? Check out Dropbox Pro. Looking for a better way to collaborate at work? Check out Dropbox for Business. continued home Happy Dropboxing! ...

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...SCI 220 Week 5 Learning Team Lifecycle Nutrition and Fitness Presentation To Buy This material Click below link SCI 220 Week 5 Learning Team Lifecycle Nutrition and Fitness Presentation Resource: WileyPLUS® Use the stage in the lifecycle—infant, preschool, school age, adolescent, or older adult—that was approved by your facilitator in Week One. Develop a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with additional title and reference slides, on nutritional needs at the selected stages of life. •    For assistance with this type of assignment, review these resources. Address the following questions in your presentation: •    What are the nutritional needs at this stage of life? •    How are the needs at this stage of life different from other stages? •    How important is nutrition at this stage in preventing future disease? •    How might nutrition affect growth, development, and learning at this stage? •    What are some current nutritional issues, such as obesity or malnutrition, that might affect this group? •    How does fitness affect the health of this group? Is this relationship between fitness and health different from other age groups? Explain your answer. •    What guidelines do you recommend to this group for achieving and maintaining physical fitness? •    What is the long-term outlook for this group in terms of longevity and quality......

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...Reflections on Nutrition SCI/241 4/4/2011 Summer Groff Week 9 Checkpoint Reflecting on what I have studied so far on nutrition, using my assignments completed up until this point is that I have come to the knowledge of how the human body works from the moment food enters the mouth through digestion and coming out as waste. I have also obtained knowledge about how the body changes through aging, and how diet and exercise can actually help the body’s digestion and growth process. I have learned through doing research throughout my course on nutrition, which has helped me gained understanding on what to do to stay healthy as I age. The assignment that I enjoyed throughout this class is the three day activity analysis. After completing the analysis I became aware of what I was eating and made me aware that food is the body’s main source of fuel, which means that nutrients in food gives the body cells energy to function. I am now cautious and made changes of what I eat. Making healthy decisions and adding daily exercise to my life style has improved my health. Another assignment I enjoyed was week 5 on dehydration. I learned much about the importance of water and how the body needs water to function adequately. Water washes away and cleanse out toxins, it also assists the cell functioning, and is the primary aid of the ear, nose and throat functioning. Water also bathes the cells in the body and serves as a lubricant; it cleanses both external and internal......

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...Since the beginning of this course I have gained a lot through each assignment, even the power point which I really enjoyed. The power point offers a great deal of things to give an assignment a facelift. Making slides with photos, and graphs. However, this entire course has shown me how to take better care of myself, and my family. It is of the most importance to live a healthier life by eating the right foods, and exercising. I did not like the, choose your plate. I feel that I already knew what I needed to do to maintain my weight, and the daily values I must get of certain nutrients. I have never been the type to follow a diet plan, but I do know what is bad for me. I have been eating right, but I am still struggling with high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. My health and my families, is vital to me, and seeing that we each receive a well balanced meal 2-3 times daily to stay energized. When we started this nutrition class, my youngest daughter was learning about the food pyramid as well. We worked on this together, that way I was still interacting with her while doing my school work. My overall experience with science 241, seeing how carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and fiber do when eaten the right way opened my eyes to what will happen inside of the body if it receives more or less of the above. Understanding all of the information necessary for the well being to live a healthy and nutritious life, new information is being is revealed, however, some being......

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