Sci 241 Week 9 Final Project(Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan)

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SCI 241 Week 9 Final Project(Personalized Nutrition and Exercise Plan)
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Adequate nutrition and a proper exercise plan can be major components in a person’s health and happiness. I have balanced my individual nutritional need with physical activity for several years. Though, I never realized it this was forming habits that lead to a plan for maintain healthy weight and preventing disease. While my grandfather was alive, he did not pay particular close attention to his exercise and eating habits, though it did not contribute to his death, he did develop diabetes. My father has fallen into the same footsteps as my grandfather, and he too has diabetes.
These signs lead me to believe that I too may have a predisposition to diabetes, it is important to keep this life plan and constantly modify elements of the plan as I age to keep in good health, especially with my family history. I may also have additional nutrition problems associated with my absolute dislike of green vegetables. By eating very little of these items I am lowering the amount of essential vitamins that my body needs.

Diabetes “is a condition in which the body either does not produce enough, or does not properly respond to, insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas. Insulin enables cells to absorb glucose in order to turn it into energy. This causes glucose to accumulate in the blood, leading to various potential complications” (Wikipedia, 2009).

SCI 241 Week 9 Final Project(Personalized Nutrition and…...

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