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Environmental Science and Human Population Worksheet

Using the textbooks, the University Library, or other resources, answer each of the following questions in 150- to 300-words. Be sure to provide references for the sources you use.

|Question |Response |
| |The current growth rate can be sustainable. There will need to be some |
|Is the current growth rate of the human population |more changes to make it sustainable. We would have to make sure that we |
|sustainable? Explain, using the concept of carrying |are not over using the natural resources we have available. If this does |
|capacity. |happens the environment starts to degrade in most cases start to shrink. |
| |Ways that we can actually make the human population sustainable would be |
| |to have better technology that can alter the capacity. It’s as if we have |
| |to reserve enough resources for the future of the earth and population. If|
| |not in the future we wont be able to carry capacity. This will effect |
| |social and economic environments. Another way that we can carry compact=it|
| |to sustain the population is controlling what we put in or environment. |
| |Ways we can do so is stop cutting down so many trees, recycling and less |
| |car pollution. The world can become sustainable we just have to work |
| |together to make it this way. |
| |Here is a brief timeline of modern environmental movement since the |
|Using an internet search, provide a timeline of |1960.1960- world population reached 1.3 billion. 1963- Clean Air Act. A |
|important events in the modern environmental movement |program, which was made by the state and government to prevent air |
|since 1960. |pollution, in which they created grants. For air pollution agencies in |
| |each state to control the air pollution. 1965- the water quality act was |
| |placed to control the water and create standards for the states to follow.|
| |1973 the Endangered species act was created to make a list of any |
| |endangered or threaten species. To bring awareness to our endangered |
| |animals. 1976 toxic substance control. It was created to protect humans |
| |from products that can harm humans. Manufactures have to test products |
| |before putting them out on shelves to be sold. In the 1980’s the |
| |government created the comprehensive environmental response act, which is |
| |an act that setup funds to clean, abandon houses, waste dumps and toxics. |
| |1990 was the clean air act, which was created to make harsher regulation |
| |for air pollution. David Bollier & Joan Claybrook, Freedom from Harm |
| |(1986), pp. 275-292; The Wilderness Society. |
| | |
| |The environmental effects of cars are continuous from the start of |
|Perform an internet search using one of these topics: |building one to when it actually breaks down. It takes a lot of pieces to |
|car, electronics, water bottles, plastic grocery bags, |create on vehicle. Some of the pieces needed to create a vehicle that |
|food choice, home size, commuting and incorporate the |effects the environment would be glass, a battery rubber for the inside of|
|“environmental impact” they may elicit. |the vehicle. These things come from the environment. A battery produces |
|Read one of the articles you find and explain: |toxic ins that can add pollution to our air, which creates air pollution |
|The environmental impacts of that item or activity. |and a major health concern. Steel is also used which can be recycled along|
|How you as an individual can reduce your impact on the |with rubber. Cars also take gas, which can consume a lot of energy when |
|environment as it relates to this item or activity. |being shipped. As an individual I can reduce my impact on the environment |
| |when it comes to cars by riding a bike when the weather is warmer. I can |
| |also help the environment by purchasing a hybrid vehicle, which uses less |
| |gas. Which would be less pollution in the environment. |
|Explain the relationship between three aspects of |The relationship between hypothesis and research they all three provide |
|science: hypothesis, research/experimentation, and |evidence about research gathered by scientist. A hypothesis is when a |
|theory. |explanation which was presented to scientist to be tested. As to why |
| |things are and how they are. Research and experiments are needed and done |
| |to come up with conclusions for the hypothesis. Experiments will show |
| |physical proof if whether or not the hypothesis will be accepted or |
| |disapproved. Once the hypothesis has been approved it will then become a |
| |theory. The theory comes from observations from scientist that is |
| |supported by a great deal of evidence. Theory can change when there is |
| |new evidence that comes in over time is supported by the research that has|
| |been done. These three share a relationship because it helps sciencetist |
| |to come up with many new results to help the science of the world. These |
| |three are the overall process of the scientific method. |


• David Bollier & Joan Claybrook, Freedom from Harm (1986), pp. 275-292; The Wilderness Society. • Car Environmental Impact - National Geographic's Green Guide. (n.d.). Retrieved January 25, 2016, from

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