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INTRODUCTION The youth possess an intense curiosity that is why it is essential for parents to guide and advise their children especially at the point of their adolescent life. But inside our own homes, there are other things that can teach the children about the chance of making the things that are impossible in life, possible on television – the programs and movies particularly coming from the United States. The culture indifference between Americans and Filipinos is one reason why they do not think alike. They differ in the way they use the depths of their imagination in creating movies. America-based films are more insightful, clever, and charismatic to the audience, for it is being distributed across the world. The universal motion-picture industry of America is called Hollywood ( And having been able to reach a wide array of audiences, it has an immense power to influence them. There are a lot of film categories that are being specialized by Hollywood. One of the most popular is fiction. According to, “Fiction is a form of any narrative or informative work that deals, in part or in whole, with information or events that are not factual, but rather imaginary”. People have embraced fiction films maybe because it seems like a new taste to the tongues of the audiences from different parts of the world. As time went by, Hollywood film makers tried incorporating fiction with science, and have clearly succeeded. Today, Science-Fiction films have become a massive hit to cinemagoers. Commonly known as “Sci-Fi”, this type of movie genre deals with depictions of phenomena that are not really accepted as truths, such as sorcery, alien worlds and extraterrestrial forms of life, extrasensory perception, and time travel. It also features spacecrafts, space travels, robots, and other forms of technology with a more futuristic element. One purpose of Sci-Fi is exploring the consequences of scientific innovations (Maxiogee, 2007). Studying the influence of Science-Fiction films is important so that we can assess how the viewers act in response to what they watch on the big screen that focuses on stories and events that originated in someone else’s fantasy and imagination, and is never going to be true to life.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The proponents will conduct a study to know how the Hollywood Fiction films influenced Bethelites in their lives. Specifically, this research will seek to answer the following questions. 1. Do the high school students of Bethel Academy watch Science-Fiction movies? 2. Are Science-Fiction films' presentations of surreal events effective to its audience? 3. Do Science-Fiction films able to educate? 4. Were the students able to develop or acquire new traits/behavior based on what they are watching?

NULL HYPOTHESES 1. Not all Hollywood Science-Fiction films are beneficial to be watched by the high school students of Bethel Academy. 2. Watching Science-Fiction films is a good way to widen the narrow imagination of its viewers. 3. Though most students watch Sci-Fi movies and know the difference between facts and fiction, it still has impact on their characters.

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The result of the study will become a basis on how the high school students of Bethel Academy are influenced positively and negatively by Hollywood's fiction films. Likewise, the result of the study will serve as a useful data in determining the changes that the students had developed by watching movies not factual. This study will serve as a guide whether or not fiction is an effective genre in movies, with the way how its viewers respond in its scenes. The following will be benefited by the outcome of this study: Students- it may help them see how Fiction movies affect the way its viewers behave, think, communicate, and relate with others. This may also help them in analyzing what needs to stay in movies, and what actions/traits/behaviors need to be adapted.
Parents- the research may help them to gain knowledge about how their children are keeping up with the choice of movies they are watching by the way they act, talk, and think. This also helps them to know how their kids respond to what they have seen and watched on the big screen.
Bethel Academy Administration- this study will help the administration of the school to evaluate how their students react to what film media can do to different aspects of their lives. This will also help the school to guide the students the right way when it comes to watching fictional movies from Hollywood.

SCOPE AND DELIMITATION This research will cover the influence of Hollywood fiction films to the High School Students of Bethel Academy during the School year 2012-2013 It will be conducted at Bethel Academy in Sta. Clara, General Trias, Cavite, and covering the period from the month of July 2012 until the month of March 2013. The respondents of this study will be the high school students of Bethel Academy during the school year 2012-2013.

Administration – the researchers define this term as the official directing the school.
Adolescent life – this is defined as the point in someone’s life wherein you are to let go of being a child and grow up in all aspect.
Advise – this term is defined as giving someone a recommendation about what should be done.
Bethelites – in this study, it means the students who are enrolled and studying in Bethel . Academy.
Big Screen – in this study, it means cinemas and theaters.
Depiction – the researchers define this term as the form of representation.
Extrasensory perception – this term is defined as the second sight or the sixth sense.
Factual – in this study, it means relating to truth.
Fiction – the researchers define this term as an invented story by the imagination.
Futuristic – in this study, it means relating to the future.
Genre – this term is defined as category, class, or kind.
Hollywood – the researchers define this term as the universal motion-picture industry of America
Phenomena – in this study, it means events.
Surreal – the researchers define this term as something hard to believe created by fantasy.

Science-fiction films Gained knowledge about fiction films

Obtained philosophies
& values

Reasons for watching

Effectivity to its viewers

New found traits and behaviors Figure 1 Figure 1 above illustrates that each student has his/her own reason for watching Science-Fiction films. These movies, when watched, are to be assessed as effective if he/she is able to find new traits and behaviors, obtain certain philosophies and values, and gain comprehension.

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