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Case Western Reserve University
Weatherhead School of Management

BAFI 428
Financial Strategy and Value Creation

Service Corporation International
Section 100
Group 10

Lingxiao Chang
Tianchi Chen
Ziliang Ji
Yibo Ma
Hongyang Shao
Xincheng Shen


Service Corporation International is a Houston based death care provider that is founded by Robert L. Waltrip. After years of rapid growth and global expansion, SCI now faces the potential of slow growth and capital structure risk. The company also falls in a dilemma to maintain its 20% growth in EPS and to limit the use of debt. In the article, we will analyze how SCI achieved the high growth rate and how sustainable is it. In addition, we will analyze the stock price of SCI and give an investment suggestion.

Death Care Industry
The death care industry in United States is a mature and low growth one whose performance heavily depends on the death number per year. We use the Five Force Analysis to measure the performance of the industry.
Entry Barrier (Green)
The entry barrier to the death care industry is high. Since the keys to succeed in the industry are personal relationships and reputation, which need quite a long period to build. These result in a low entry and failure rates for funeral homes.
Buyer Power (Red)
We think the buying power is pretty high. Customers can choose the sites and professional service items according to their preference. Besides, with only 1% estimated death increasing rate, companies in the industry may decrease their service price in order to attract limited customer resource.
Supplier Power (Yellow)
The major cost in funeral service is casket which the funeral homes need to buy from manufactures. But in recent years, traditional funeral is gradually replaced by cremation, resulting in...

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