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Good evening, my name is Obesity and I’ll be your waiter today. So, you want to know what the special of the day is. It’s obesity! There have been several concerns, questions and arguments presented by GMA and in homes across the country regarding the obesity epidemic in modern America. Adding more water and using less salt doesn’t make this bowl of soup healthier nor putting a pad lock on the candy bar, especially if no one is willing to step up and accept the responsibility or understand what solid ingredients are used to make the soup of Obesity an epidemic in Modern America. The menu is out, and you can either choose your meal or allow me to choose for you, which raise the concerns. Who is accountable for the current obesity problem?

For starters, what’s on the menu and what you put on your plate provided GMA the opportunity to speak and testify before the House Committee on Education on the issue of overweight and obesity. They argue that the rise in obesity rate in adults and children can lead to many physical and mental conditions such as depression, excessive overweight, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. GMA contend that other complex factors such as the economy, social and cultural environment, lack of education and too few activities and calorie-rich foods, have contributed increase in obesity (GMA, 2004). In addition in our social society, CDC found that obesity was prevalent in low-income preschoolers, between one and four. Furthermore, obesity increased from 12% in 1998 to 15% in 2008 (CDC, 2008).

What rolls, I mean, what roles and responsibility does GMA contribute to the obesity epidemic? For starters, GMA believe contributors to the obesity epidemic are due to lack of balanced diet and regular physical activity. CDC...

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