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Many have spoken about what should be an effective school environment is. But for me, just having these two characteristics is well enough.Firstly, the physical features must just not be tidy, clean, spacious, well ventilated and lighted. It must be a school that brings out the inner self of the students at helps them to achieve what they wanted to be. And secondly, the psychological as well as the social atmosphere must be non-threatening where they feel they are respected and accepted for who they are and for what they say or do. |

Providing an effective school environment is not just the duty of the school administrators nor the teachers only, it is the responsibility of school heads, teachers and of course, by the students. As a future educator, I can foresee the things that are highly needed in enhancing one’s school environment. Yes, financing will matter but being creative and inexpensive should always take into consideration. The teachers must be guided to reconstruct his/her classroom and let the students to take their own task and duty. We are all aware that environment really affects students learning so teachers should maximize the effort to accomplish this in his/ her room. Sadly, some teachers are lack of trainings and seminars on how to produce that well-useful classroom.

In the same manner, school should be clean, well- organized and attractive. Classrooms, together with other centers, should be well- ventilated and with sufficient light so as to minimize the factors that will effect on children progress. As a future teacher, I know and I ‘am aware that an effective learning lies on how the school personals, administrators, teachers and students, will be united in maintaining an effective and conducive environment which leads to progress of learning. There will be no right time,...

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