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Based on my observation, marijuana leaves exhibits a warty appearance due to the presence of non glandular hairs which at their base contains a spheriodal cystollith of calcium carbonate while on the other sample of marijuana seeds I observed the lacy and hair like. During the Chemical Test of the Fast Blue Salt or FBS Test on the Marijuana seeds, hashish cake and hashish candy I observed that there was a reaction on the test conducted due to the appearance of purple color or violet.

On the Marquis test conducted for Morphine, Shabu and Ephedrine there were reaction with the two sample wherein the morphine turned to purple, shabu became orange and lately turned to red dark brown in color while the Ephedrine had no reaction at all.

On the Simmon’s test, the color of shabu became blue in color.

On the other test in Chen Kao 123, the Ephedrine has a reaction and the color of the sample became purple.

The last examination conducted was the Benzidine test- to test whether the stain is blood or not. A stain sample rub with a filter paper and added with 1-2 drops of Benzidine Reagent and 1-2 drops of hydrogen peroxide on the filter paper, instant blue color indicates the presence of blood.


Based on my observation of the chemical examination or test of prohibited drugs, therefore I conclude that the Marijuana leaves and marijuana seeds are not the same in characteristics. In the chemical test conducted, all the samples reacted with the reagent except for Ephedrine wherein negative results arose.

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