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Scietific Method

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The scientific method is the process of research in which an observation is made and information is gathered, a hypothesis is made, and experiment is taken place to understand the observation. There are six parts to a scientific experiment. The first part is the observation; the event that has taken place. The second part is the question; what caused the particular event to take place. The third and most important part is the hypothesis; the premise or explanation for what occurred. A hypothesis also known as an educated guess. The fourth part is the prediction; indication of what’s to experiment based on the hypothesis. The fifth step is the experiment. The experiment is conducted and determines the conclusion or result. The conclusion or result is the final step of the scientific method. Was the hypothesis right or wrong? If the hypothesis is wrong, it should be revised.
In the scientific method activity provided to scenarios and laid out multiple choices to conduct a scientific method. I chose the car experiment because being ASE certified (Automotive Service Excellence), my intelligence lye with automobiles. The observation in the activity was that when the key is placed in the ignition and turned nothing happens. After the observation step there are three hypothesis to choose from. Based on my knowledge and the observation I chose that there may be electrical problems with the car because the care is doing nothing. I like to weed out the easy options first, therefore of the two predictions I made the prediction that the car will start if I replaced the fuses. I clicked the experiment tab so that the experiment would be conducted. The final picture was the man beside his car with the hood closed and smiling. Based on the photo my hypothesis was correct.
There will...

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