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|make check sheet and pareto diagram for this maintenance facility |
|ticket number |work | | |ticket number |work |
|1 |tires | | |16 |tires |
|2 |Lube and oil | | |17 |lube and oil |
|3 |tires | | |18 |brakes |
|4 |battery | | |19 |tires |
|5 |Lube and oil | | |20 |brakes |
|6 |Lube and oil | | |21 |lube and oil |
|7 |Lube and oil | | |22 |brakes |
|8 |brakes | | |23 |transmission |
|9 |Lube and oil | | |24 |brakes |
|10 |tires | | |25 |lube and oil |
|11 |brakes | | |26 |battery |
|12 |Lube and oil | | |27 |lube and oil |
|13 |battery | | |28 |battery |
|14 |Lube and oil | | |29…...

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...End-of-term SCM Globe Summary paper Overview and learning objective: The personal experiences with simulation and modeling exercises are unique to an individual decision-maker. The goal of the Cincinnati Seasonings exercise is not the final outcome. Achievement is measured within the learning and accomplishments as a student evaluates options, selects an action plan, monitors results, and makes further adjustments. In a continuous improvement model, this approach is the "plan-do-check-act" cycle. During week 10 as the simulation draws to a close, the paper is an opportunity for each student to perform a personal assessment of what went well and the aspects that could be future improvement areas as that person approaches future logistics network challenges. Students will share their papers in a conference and peers will have an opportunity to compare their learning achievement with others. I. Introduction A. Overview of Cincinnati Seasonings - provide a narrative about the company and its business goals and objectives. This information is based upon the user manual. B. The initial supply chain scenario- describe the supply chain as of Week Two when the simulation exercise began. This includes the starting parameters and network configuration. II. Accomplishments (these are the aspects reflecting your own contributions towards stabilizing and improving the supply chain) A. What went well - what aspects of the simulation results were favorable? These were your major......

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Scm Assignment produced and distributed at the right quantities, to the right locations, and at the right time, in order to minimize system wide costs while satisfying service level requirements. ” (Edmund P. & Kim W., 2013)Supply chain is basically an integration of independent organizations associated together as agroup through products and services where group associates jointly or separately add value on inorder to deliver them to end customers and meet their the needs. It consists of numerouselements that are connected together through the movement of products along it. Customer, planning, purchasing, inventory, production and transportation are the components of a simplesupply chain where it starts and ends with the customer. An effective SCM aims to achieve:reduced inventory level, increased speed of transactions and bolstered revenue by increasingcustomer satisfaction. 1.2. Difficulties of Supply Chain Management Even though, an effective supply chain has the potentials for being a great organizational assetand competitive edge, management of it has always been a critical yet perplexing activity for almost all business organizations. The complexity of supply chain may vary depending on thesize of the business and intricacy and number of products produced. (Dr. Dawei Lu b., 2011)This complexity commonly forms basis for several supply chain management challenges such as:  Response TimeLong and complex supply chains involve a number of partners, suppliers, and buyers......

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