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|make check sheet and pareto diagram for this maintenance facility |
|ticket number |work | | |ticket number |work |
|1 |tires | | |16 |tires |
|2 |Lube and oil | | |17 |lube and oil |
|3 |tires | | |18 |brakes |
|4 |battery | | |19 |tires |
|5 |Lube and oil | | |20 |brakes |
|6 |Lube and oil | | |21 |lube and oil |
|7 |Lube and oil | | |22 |brakes |
|8 |brakes | | |23 |transmission |
|9 |Lube and oil | | |24 |brakes |
|10 |tires | | |25 |lube and oil |
|11 |brakes | | |26 |battery |
|12 |Lube and oil | | |27 |lube and oil |
|13 |battery | | |28 |battery |
|14 |Lube and oil | | |29…...

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... total supply system both the internal and external components. At an operational level, it includes and expands the activities of purchasing function and the procurement process. Its major focus however is strategic. “Supply Chain is process from the initial raw materials’ to the ultimate consumption of the finished product linking across supplier-user companies.” “Value Chain is the functions within and outside a company that enables the value chain to male products and provides services to the customer.” Supply chain management (SCM) is the management of a network of interconnected businesses involved in the ultimate provision of product and service packages required by end customers (Harland, 1996). Supply Chain Management spans all movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point-of-origin to point-of-consumption (supply chain). Supply chain management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Supply chain management involves coordinating and integrating these flows both within and among companies. It is said that the ultimate goal of any effective supply chain management system is to reduce inventory (with the assumption that products are available when needed). As a solution for successful supply chain management, sophisticated software systems with Web interfaces are competing with Web-based...

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... reader on the basis of this document or the information it contains and/or any use made of this information and/or this document, is under the reader’s sole responsibility and does not necessarily reflect the views of the authors. © 2011 - BearingPoint France SAS. All reproduction rights reserved. All rights reserved. Names, trademarks and/or any other distinguishing marks of companies or products mentioned in this document are the property of their respective owners. BearingPoint disclaims all responsibility in case of mistake or omission. Credit Photo: Fotolia Netherlands Charles de Monchy Partner +31…20…504…9067… Russia Sergey Kuzovkin Partner +7…495…937…4466… United Kingdom & Ireland Stephen Coy +44…203…206…9655… Morocco Youssef Harouchi Senior…Advisor +212…661…18…53…17… 66 67 ...

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...Starting as a young professional in Reliance, I always desired to enhance my knowledge in supply chain and operation of industries. My stint with RIL has helped me to nurture my technical knowhow and in doing so I have developed a long term vision for myself. Through various projects in my previous company I realized the importance of supply chain behind success of a company. After joining NITIE I have thrived to enhance my skills in Supply Chain Management and being a part of this course helped me to fulfill my target. Supply chain management has been a fruitful course for all of us students. Being an electrical engineer, I wanted to learn about operations and supply chain management. The course of SCM has been really helpful in terms of gaining academic excellence in the subject. The Supply Chain Management course at National Institute of Industrial Engineering examines the theoretical and practical aspects of effective operations and supply chain management in a highly competitive global marketplace. Areas studied include supply chain strategy, forecasting competitive performance, globalization and supply chains, consumer response, promotions, and postponement. In addition, the programme looks at how successful operations management can shape the sales and profit ambition of a business. To equip managers and practitioners with the concept and practices of SCM which will help them deliver corporate success through a more efficient coordination with their...

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... components of a simplesupply chain where it starts and ends with the customer. An effective SCM aims to achieve:reduced inventory level, increased speed of transactions and bolstered revenue by increasingcustomer satisfaction. 1.2. Difficulties of Supply Chain Management Even though, an effective supply chain has the potentials for being a great organizational assetand competitive edge, management of it has always been a critical yet perplexing activity for almost all business organizations. The complexity of supply chain may vary depending on thesize of the business and intricacy and number of products produced. (Dr. Dawei Lu b., 2011)This complexity commonly forms basis for several supply chain management challenges such as:  Response TimeLong and complex supply chains involve a number of partners, suppliers, and buyers which leadsto sophisticated set of transactions and different set of communications. This diversity increasesthe number of manual processes and customized connections and may impede the growth,organization, maintenance, and improvement of the supply chain. Identification and assessmentof customer demand also becomes challenging and it can be difficult for a company to respondquickly to changes in customer demand. Demand can quickly increase or decrease and thusrequires rapid response. (Msdn, 2010) (Edmund P. & Kim W., 2013)  Cost controlToday, from rising freight prices, increased number of global customers, technological......

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... Limited as it saves the product itself. Packaging is done for keeping the proper characteristics of Nutrition and Health in a particular product. Nestle Bangladesh Limited is concerned about its packaging compared to other buyers in the market. This is the reason why Nestle shows its full concern in selecting an appropriate vendor. In Nestle Bangladesh we have 17 suppliers (13 local and 4 international) There are 7 Category of Packaging: 1. Flexi Laminate-Used for products such as Noodles Packet. 2. Case Corrugated-Used for Shipping Carton. 3. Solid Board-Used for products such as Cerelac, Nido. 4. Metal Tin Can-Used for products such as Nido. 5. Rigid Plastic-Used for products such Spoon provided in the Nido. 6. Adhesive-Used as a means of Glue. 7. Flexible Accessories- Used as a means of Tape. * By the help of SAP, contract is created and for each type of category there is a different vendor assigned. 25 Workflow of packaging order to payment: * Factory Supply Chain gives Purchase requisition for Packaging Materials. * Creating PO and forward to Supplier. * Make Yearly Contract basis future forecasts. * Taking Delivery of packaging. * Make payment to supplier. 2.5.3 S&IM (Supply & Indirect Material): S&IM (Service & Indirect Material) is another key area of Nestle Supply Chain who deals with capital expenditures, indirect materials......

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... broken easily by a new supplier. Value chains are made of strong bonds and are harder to break. Also, Supply Chains generally include activities like, Inbound logistics, Operations, Outbound logistics, Marketing and Sales, Customer Service. These activities are generally categorized under primary activities of value chain. Support activities of value chain include infrastructure, HR, Technology development. SCOR Model SCOR: Supply Chain Operations Research SCOR Process: Plan, Source, Make, Deliver and Return. Types of SCM 1. Vertical Chains: refers to practice of brining the supply chain inside one organization. Eg: Henry Ford pursued a strategy of owning and controlling as many links in the automobile supply chain as possible. The primary benefit of vertical integration is control. 2. Horizontal Chains: Control will be in different hands of ownership. The major challenge in horizontal chains is integration. Horizontal chains are the way of world now. The primary benefit of these chains is, they will help in achieving economies of scale of scope. --Krishna: IM12 Associate Consultant @ SAP ☺ Demand Planning Determining how much to produce would be a simple matter if demand were stable. It isn’t. Demand is a moving target. Sources of Demand Variability: Competition, Seasonality, life cycle trends, promotions, disasters etc., Bull Whip Effect While demand fluctuation most often begins at the retail end of the supply chain, variability occurs throughout the network. In fact...

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