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Group Project Presentation – Scope of Work

The Group Project, the Global Marketing Plan, is to provide students with the opportunity to develop marketing plans, which can reflect students’ deep understanding of a foreign country. The plans should also encompass any necessary decisions of Global marketing.

Each group has to select a foreign country as the host market for a product / company. You are required to document the selected country’s culture which may be relevant to the product you select. Then, you will need to develop a marketing plan for its introduction or expansion in the host country. You will have to write the plan as a proposal by a Global Marketing Consultant to solicit a business.

There is no definite outline and / or framework for the presentation, the essence will be ← Creativity of your idea(s) ← Focus of your plan(s) ← Differentiation of your strategy(ies) ← Attention-arresting presentation

If deemed necessary, you can refer to the suggested scope of work for case presentation as follows:

Each group should make use of the business theories, models and strategies learned so far (e.g. i. Hofstede Cultural Dimensions, ii. SRC, iii. different types of centrisms, iv. Porter’s 5 forces, v. SWOT analysis, vi. PEST(LE) analysis, vii. the notions of “serendipity”, “ubiquitous” & “synergy”, viii. different modes of entry ix. growth matrix, x. consolidation matrix & strategies, xi. internal & external criteria for global entry and so on)

to cover the following suggested scope of work for the presentation:

1. the target product (the benefits, values, vanity and needs, etc) 2. the target markets and the goals (PEST(LE) & Cultural analyses, etc) 3. the mode of entry (the options and the final choice) 4. the time of entry (first entry,...

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