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Scope Statement Week 3

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Scope Statement
Project Name: Stroke Awareness Day
Project Manager: TEAM A
Project Objective: To organize and deliver a public event for 1,500 participants on stroke awareness in Millennium Park on May 11, 2013 for $20,000.
* Advertisement for event * 2 guest speakers * Volunteers for health screens * Volunteers for walk/run * Bottled water * Educational materials * 5 hours musical entertainment * Local sponsors * Event insurance * Safe environment


* Scope defined and approved May 15, 2012 * Corporate sponsors identified and confirmed June 1, 2012 * Permits and event insurance obtained July 1, 2012 * Guest speakers, volunteers and band secured August 15, 2012 * Nurses and required equipment secured September 1, 2012 * Tables/chairs/tent contract completed October 1, 2012 * Audio/visual company contract completed November 15, 2012 * Advertisements distributed to public January 1, 2013 * Educational material printing completed March 1, 2013 * Fruit/bagels/bottled water purchased May 9, 2013 * Stroke awareness event completed May 11, 2013

Technical Requirements

AV Requirements:
Since this event is occurring in a park outside, the AV requirements for this event will only consist of an audio amplification system. Lighting and video equipment will not be necessary. In addition to the equipment listed below, a crew of two audio engineers will be needed to operate the equipment during the event. One stagehand will also be needed to assist in the set-up and tear down of the equipment before and after the event. Yamaha LS9 Digital Console (audio mixer) 12 – JBL VRX speakers 6 – Shure UHF-R wireless microphones 4 – Computer DI boxes 300’ audio snake Various cable bundle

Band Requirements:...

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