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Assignment Grading Rubric
Course: IT460 Unit: 10 Points: 140

Assignment 10 Outcomes addressed in this activity:  Complete final assignment

Course Outcomes:   IT460-1 Compare various types of information systems. IT460-4 Practice team dynamics by participating in a role play activity.

Assignment Instructions: Please complete the following assignments using MS Word. Save the assignment as Final Assignment.doc and place it into the Unit 10 Final Assignment Drop Box. Ensure all group members have checked the final assignment before it is submitted. Submit only one Final Assignment per group. Click here to access the “SCR-TIMS Work Session Link”. Part 1: System Architecture Tasks 1. Visit SCR's data library to review SCR's network configuration and then send Jesse a recommendation for the TIMS system architecture. She wants me to suggest an overall network topology solution. She also asked me to comment on these issues: legacy data, Web-centricity, scalability, security, and batch processing that might be needed. Jesse said it was OK to make reasonable assumptions in my proposal to her (SCR-TIMS, Work Session, Session 10,- To Do List #2). This includes providing a detailed description of a client/server architecture. Assignment should also show distinction between 2 tier and 3 tier network and select one for recommendation. A detailed analysis of network topology includes definition and what is being proposed for the client. Assignment should give a definition of what legacy data entails and how it affects the assignment and what is being recommended for the new system. It also should explain what web-centricity means and what the assignment will entail regarding the web as opposed to a purely non-web architecture and GUI’s. Please describe in detail what scalability, security and batch processing means and how each will be implemented for the client. This...

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