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The game of Scrabble was invented by Alfred Mosher Butts. The game is combined with the features of anagrams and the crossword puzzle. This game is to help kids learn more words and to help them spell better. Scrabble is a word building multi user game that consists of tiles which are distributed to each player. The game can have two to four players.
The board game is a 15 by 15 square grid. Throughout the board there are tiles that have double letter score, triple letter score, double word score, and triple word score. Generally those special tiles are found on all the sides of the board and randomly throughout the board. The are a total of 98 tiles which are alphabets from A to Z and two anonymous letters which are blank tiles. Each alphabet is given a score and the blank letter is given zero points. Each letter has different values which depends on the frequency of its usage. The blank tile can be substitute for any letter.
The players are given seven tiles which people draw out of the bag. New tiles will be placed on your rack, based on how many tiles you put on the board. Each letter has different point values, so the strategy of the game is to play words with high scoring letter combinations. When playing the game a dictionary can be used to see if your word or your players word is a real word. If you can’t make a word with your letters you have the option to pass your turn or exchange your tiles with different ones in the bag.
It is important to have a strong vocabulary to get far in this game. Practice is also an essential element to strong play. Everytime I play my words that I use are normally four letter words and don’t get much points, but it never feels when I play with other people they normally play five to six letter words. There is level of depths at which one

can play Scrabble, from casual and family oriented, to serious and very deep. I have not mastered playing long words like other people but it is quite simple with just practice.
Scrabble is a simple, mind­exercising game. It works very well when teaching children how to spell and expanding their vocabulary, also strengthening current English levels. I would recommend Scrabble to anyone with young children as an educational and challenging alternative to simpler games. Thinking, planning ahead, and player interaction are essential to a strong Scrabble player, so if you are up for the challenge grab some friends or family members and start making your vocabulary better and a more strong Scrabble player!

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