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Dear Executives of Sedgman Steel,

In the case of Sedgman Steel, there was more inventory than the company had expected to carry. The amount of inventory that your company had on hand was unnecessary. Sedgman deals with 15 suppliers while its sister plant, which is located in Michigan, is the sole provider of tubing. Sedgman Steel has annual sales of approximately $1.7 billion. “Steel and tubing purchases at Syracuse plant represented approximately $65 to $70 million each year, and the purchasing manager there worked closely with sales to make sure that material costs were properly reflected in selling prices” (227). Alice, the production material control supervisor at Sedgman Steel, was informed by her boss about the large inventory that was on record. When Alice went down to the warehouse to observe what was going on, the warehouse was full with coils of steel and bundles of raw tubes. She also noticed that there was a shortage of staff at the warehouse. Alice happened to only identify five people there at the warehouse when usually there are eight. It’s clear that there aren’t enough people at the warehouse to control what is going in and what is going out. It’s not clear how many people are available in the material control department, but it’s apparent that the department needs more workers to handle inventory control, production planning and scheduling, and customer order fulfillment. My recommendations are that the Sedgman Steel company hire more workers, this way they would be ensured that there isn’t more inventory on record than needed in the warehouse. This would also cut out unnecessary costs for the company as well....

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