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Screen Dance By Sarah Whatley

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Sarah Whatley starts her essay by pointing out that writers and writings are further more focusing on those who are disabled, but, has the ability to perform and dance. Whatley states that disability can present some challenges and change the meaning of dance and performance. Whatley wants to focus on questions and theories of critiquing dance and disability performance on screen. She wants to know how disabled dancers depict and embrace their identity through dance, and how this identity can affect the viewers. She simply states, “ my focus is on the screen of disabled dancers within dance films and how reading of disability on screen might generate a theory of looking; might disrupt a presumption of the relationship between screen dance and mobility; and therefore make clear the political implications of screen dance” (Whatley 41). …show more content…
Whatley believes that the viewers have a different perspective and judgment when comes to those who are disabled, yet is able to use their bodies to perform. Most of her essay and argument consists of citing particular films that contain disabled-body performances, and how each one can bring a different energy for the viewer(s). “My aim in this essay has been to explore how these dance films participate in the debate about difference and disability” (49). Whatley finally concludes her argument by telling the reader that the viewer and performer relationship in film is to the purpose of letting the spectator intake the information in to inspect those who are disabled in a different

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