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Scrooge's Meanness In A Christmas Carol

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In a Christmas Carole, we disapprove of scrooge’s meanness, but we always care about his fate. Do you agree?
In A Christmas Carole, by Charles Dickens, Ebenezer Scrooge is first depicted as a ‘cold-hearted’ and ‘miserly’ character that lacks the compassion and generosity that was much needed in 18th century London. Through the intervention of spirits, from the past, present and future influence Scrooge to understand himself and those around him, which lead to gaining the sympathy and moral support of the audience.
The Scrooge that Dickens initially creates is a ‘cold-hearted’, ‘miserly’ character where the qualities of a ‘good’ human being are nonexistent. As a result, causing the readers to dislike and disapprove of Scrooge and his utilitarian society viewpoint. The first description of Scrooge from the novella, emphasises his harsh, unforgiving personality, which is mirrored in his physical features, ‘the cold within him froze his old features, nipped his pointed nose, shriveled his check, stiffened his gait; made his eyes red, his thin lips blue.’ Additionally Dickens uses tough and harsh sounding adjectives such as, ‘grasping’ and ‘clutching’, which conjure up an image of Scrooge in your mind. From the beginning of the novella the audience is constantly reiterated that he is an unpleasant character. This is also reflected in his name, which is used as an adjective today to describe someone who is unpleasant and stingy. Initially, scrooge is a mouthpiece for
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To create this impression Dickens uses very short, snappy and infantile phrases, which are limited to insults. ‘Bah! Humbug!’ is an example of his speech and it suggests he doesn’t want to communicate. Dickens also writes so that Scrooge talks in his head, which suggests that he has no one else to talk to and so he speaks to himself and it emphasises his solitary

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