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nswer: H-D using “Differentiation Strategy” by offering its heavyweight motorcycle through the distinctive designs. H-D are also a leader in the heavyweight motorcycle manufacturers industry and it has more than 100 years old in this market, also its American icon make H-D become traditional brand. Due to H-D becoming the traditional brand in American made version, the consumers perceive that H-D mean quality. Consumers will choosing H-D products because of their high quality products and demand for additional exclusive value without considering the high price. The company currently creates 33 types of models of motorcycles which its target the market into 4 units which is Standard, Performance, Customs and Touring. The strategies of H-D using is work well in U.S. because of as American perceive the good image of H-D company, the heavyweight motorcycle were manufactured and sold very well in the U.S. market for 20 straight years. Anyway, this not means that good for all others country. The company reputation and its long history can’t attract much the European buyer’s intention. H-D Manufacturer has to develop the new design named “V-Rod” or “VRSC” with Porsche-designed engine to encourage purchasing volume of heavyweight motorcycle in European countries. Furthermore, the VRSC model is very popular in Japan and can be sold very well in 2008. But, due to the new Japanese Government Policy that does not allow a motorcycle driver carry a passenger; the sales inevitably decline later on. For China and India market, both of the country is more attractive to luxury goods. H-D company using differentiation strategy may attract the people in China and India because the company is focus on high quality and high…...

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