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Once in a Lifetime
ST_Life became the first GSL Royal Roader, defeating four-time champion LG-IM_Mvp. Life was troubled by Mvp's blue-flame hellion play, but triumphed on the back of his strong late game. Match Recaps » Preview » KawaiiRice Analysis Blog » Liquipedia

Oct 21 TL HotS Beta Key Giveaway II
Oct 20 This Week in Starcraft 2: October 13 - 19
Oct 19 apeX players withdraw from DH: Bucharest
Oct 19 The head of ESF steps down from his position
Oct 19 HotS UI Update
Oct 18 Ryung to Axiom, MMA deciding between Axiom/EG
Oct 17 SK Telecom T1 Staff Shuffle
Oct 17 Slayers to disband
Oct 17 GoOdy "Der Panzergeneral" leaves ESC
Oct 16 Type Gaming closure
GSL: Life 4 - 3 Mvp DH Bucharest OSL Semis Results Pony Tales #6

TL Hoodie

The evil organizations of SC2 - a guide
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It's time to take action.
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Asking some important questions to eSports' fans.
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StarCraft 2 by digmouse
We don't know much about the non-Korean at WCS Asia. Luckily, someone else does.
[Humor] Community FaceSwap
General Forum by Shinobi1982
The stuff of nightmares.

Oct 20 - [GSL] Finals Recap: Life vs. Mvp (Seas…
Oct 20 - [DH] From Valencia to Bucharest
Oct 20 - [GSL] Finals Preview: Life vs. Mvp (Se…
Oct 18 - [Code A] Ro24 D3 Preview/D2 Recap (S4)
Oct 17 - [Code A] Ro24 D2 Preview/D1 Recap (S4)
Oct 16 - [Code A] Ro24 Day One Preview (S4)
Oct 15 - Pony Tales #6
Oct 13 - [WCS Asia] Meet the Koreans
Oct 13 - TL Attack 2012 E2 - coL.qxc
Oct 12 - [GSTL3] TSL vs. FXOpen Preview
Oct 11 - [Code A] Ro32 Day Two Preview/ Day One…
Oct 11 - [Code S] Semi-Finals Recap (S4)
Oct 10 - [Code S] Semi-Finals Preview (S4)
Oct 09 - Auction OSL Semi-finals - Intensity

Oct 18 - EG's Pro Tip Collection #1
Oct 17 - Vote now: RaidCall - The Greatest
Oct 09 - SC2 Pro-Am Challenge for NA and EU on Ali…
Aug 22 - TL Advertising Features

Oct 20GSLCode S Finals
Oct 18GSLCode A Ro24 D3
Oct 17GSLCode A Ro24 D2
Oct 16GSLCode A Ro24 D1
Oct 14WCSAsia Day 2
Oct 13WCSAsia Day 1
Oct 11GSLCode A Ro32 D2

Winner of Code S Season 4 Grand Finals? ST_Life LG-IM_Mvp

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